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Watch: ‘Freedom from speech’? This sports team is ditching its ‘racist’ logo


The Cleveland Indians are getting a new logo after years of advocate groups saying Chief Wahoo is a racist symbol.

The Chief Wahoo logo, which will disappear from players’ uniforms starting in 2019, was first used by the Cleveland Indians in 1948. Some advocates aren’t happy that the logo removal is being put off until the next season.

“If you are going to go this far and get rid of it, why not do it now? All they are doing is testing it out, because the name has to go, too,” Phillip Yenyo, the executive director of the American Indian Movement of Ohio, told the New York Times. “The nickname absolutely has to go. It’s not just the logo.”

On today’s show, Doc and Lawrence talked about how political correctness is changing the world of sports. As someone who grew up in Ohio, Doc knows how attached people are to the sports team. Why is a logo that signifies something that’s important to a small community such a big problem?

“This is at the top of your list? This is what bothers you?” Doc asked.

Listen to the full segment here:

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