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LEFTIST LOGIC: WaPo claims migrant caravan is actually caused by 'climate change


A story in the Washington Post on Tuesday claimed that climate change drove the thousands of Hondurans in the migrant caravan headed for the U.S. from their countries.

"A caravan with thousands of migrants has been making its way through Mexico after setting out three weeks ago from Honduras, which holds the distinction of being one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change," the op-ed's author wrote.

On Thursday's radio program, Glenn Beck marveled at the media's ability to combine two "hotbed leftist issues" — migrant caravans and climate change — into one "Trump-swamping blue wave of progressive outrage."

Glenn pointed out that exit polling from Tuesday's midterm elections indicated that immigration was the second most important issue to voters, behind health care.

"Though the election is over, the caravan isn’t turning back," he noted. "Confrontation at the border is inevitable, which means more chances for the left to demonize the president.

"If you’ve been wondering exactly why such a large migrant caravan is headed our way in the first place — assuming for a moment that it’s not just a political stunt — a story in the Washington Post has finally solved the mystery," Glenn continued. "You wanna know why? It’s climate change. Of course, it's climate change. How did we not see this?"

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