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Watch: How did this Pentagon agency misplace $800 million for undocumented projects?


What happened?

A Pentagon agency can’t account for around $800 million spent on construction projects, according to an internal audit.

You had one job …

Ernst & Young’s audit discovered that the Defense Logistics Agency didn’t properly document how hundreds of millions of dollars were spent, POLITICO reported in an exclusive. The money went toward “construction projects,” but the Pentagon agency didn’t document exactly where and how it was spent.

What exactly does the DLA do?

Excellent question. The DLA has around 25,000 employees who process orders for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and a bunch of other federal agencies. That means their job is to document where that money goes … and they haven’t.

“But as the auditors found, the agency often has little solid evidence for where much of that money is going,” POLITICO reported.

What is going on?

The Defense Department gets around $700 billion for its budget annually, but where is all that money going?

On today’s show, Doc slammed the government for not keeping track of how our taxpayer dollars are spent. How can an agency employ 25,000 people and not have anyone responsible to track spending?

“There’s no way to track it? How about this: pen and paper?” Doc asked sarcastically.

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