Trump’s blueprint for government spending would increase the deficit by $7 trillion

What’s going on?

The Trump administration has unveiled a budget proposal that would put it on track to add hundreds of billions to the deficit, ballooning the national debt.

How much are we spending?

Keep in mind that President Donald Trump’s spending plan is a vision, not law. But that vision involves raising the federal deficit by $984 billion next year thanks in part to increased military spending. Altogether, the blueprint would add $7 trillion to the deficit over the next decade.

Remind me of the difference between the deficit and the debt:

The deficit is how much the government is spending past its budget, and the national debt is what the U.S. owes. Every year with a deficit increases the national debt.

Doc’s take:

This is exactly what happened under President Obama … so why aren’t people protesting? On today’s show, Doc reminded everyone that if you aren’t involved, you can’t complain.

“Where are the people marching in the streets saying ‘no, our spending is too high’?” he asked. “Where is the outrage?”

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