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Columbine shooting survivor wants ‘silent majority’ to be heard on gun rights


Patrick Neville is a Columbine shooting survivor and Colorado state representative who is fighting to have more guns at schools.

Why? Because “gun-free zones” mean that concealed carry permit holders who have gone through background checks and followed the rules have to leave their guns locked in their vehicle. They're left with nothing to protect themselves and others if a shooter comes onto school property.

“We’ve got a policy in our state and most states across the nation that says that we are going to prevent and criminalize people who want to actually defend our students,” the Colorado House Minority Leader explained on today's show.

As a shooting survivor, Neville knows the devastation of that experience firsthand, and he doesn’t want any more kids to have to go through that.

“I think we’re a silent majority in this discussion,” Neville said, describing how students have thanked him for introducing the bill to eliminate gun-free zones.

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