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Watch: Timeline — America’s slide toward a ‘total-control’ government (Part 2)

Glenn Beck

In this video excerpt from Glenn Beck's week-long chalkboard series on Antifa, Glenn continued with the timeline of America's slide from the self-reliance and self-governance in our founding days [click here to see Part 1 of this episode] toward a "total-control" government.

"You'll need to decide which direction on this scale are we headed," Glenn said, adding, "We don't want to be too far with anarchy ... and we certainly don't want total control."

Why does any of this matter to me?

The ideal of socialism holds a lot of appeal. Who doesn't want a society were everyone has access to a quality education and healthcare? And socialist leaders often start out as sincere advocates for the common good. However, history has proven time and time again the truth of British historian Lord Acton's famous words:

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Socialist and communist governments effectually take power and rights from the individual and turn them over to government officials. As Glenn pointed out of current socialist politicians, "They care about people. But remember, stop looking for the better angels. Once you give them power, all of those ideals fly out the window. And if you don't believe me, read "The Black Book of Communism." It is a book full of the number of times that communism has been tried, and the number of deaths that it leads to."

"It's the American choice," added Glenn, "And the American choice requires you to be educated, to know what the system is and how it works -- and how uniquely different it is here in America."

Watch the video clip above to learn more or to see the full episodes, visit his channel on TheBlaze or watch “Glenn" live weekdays 5–6 p.m. ET or anytime on-demand at TheBlaze TV.

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