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Who killed Bobby Kennedy? RFK Jr. launches new investigation, believes there was a second gunman

Pat Gray Unleashed

Robert Kennedy Jr. sat down with the Washington Post to discuss who he believes murdered his father, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

Kennedy's son said he called for a new investigation after months of investigating the assassination that resulted in a lengthy visit with Sirhan B. Sirhan, the man accused of assassinating his father. Kennedy told the Post he left convinced from his meeting with Sirhan that the Palestinian Christian did not kill his father and that there may have been a second shooter. The details of their meeting were never disclosed.

Fifty years have passed since the assassination took place in June after a Democratic presidential primary victory in 1968. Paul Shrade was shot in the head while walking with Kennedy that day and convinced RFK Jr. to investigate the case further after showing him an autopsy report.

From a scale of 1-10 this morning on how believable this story is, Pat rated it a five.

See the clip above for more details about the new investigation and read what Kennedy told the post here.

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