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Would you feel safe riding in a flying Uber?


Uber has a new plan for flying cars: Uber Elevate. They call the vehicle concept “vertical takeoff and landing” aircraft – but TheBlaze’s Kal Elsebai just calls it “a disaster waiting to happen.” What do you think?

When can I start flying to work?

Being a regular Uber Elevate rider is still a while away, but Uber’s goal is to demonstrate its flying VTOL ride for the public in 2020. The company has been working with local authorities in Dallas-Fort Worth, which is TheBlaze’s neck of the woods. Uber is teaming up with five aircraft manufacturers for the futuristic project.

Will it be safe?

It’s hard to say. Uber seems to be teaming up with real experts who know how aircraft should be built. But people will probably be as divided as we were this morning when Kal argued against the risky idea, while Doc Thompson and Keith Malinak tried to explain why cheaper and infinitely faster transportation would be useful enough to outweigh any extra danger.

Watch the video above to see the Uber Elevate debate.

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