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WWE superstar is running for mayor in Tennessee

Dana Loesch

There could be a big red mayor in Tennessee next year. World Wrestling Entertainment legend Kane is running for office. Kane, aka Glenn Jacobs, is prepping to choke-slam the political game in his local Knox County. The seven- foot 323 pound superstar filed his paperwork last month, kick starting the campaign process. The election is set for May 2018.

On "Dana" today, Jacobs espoused small government principles on a small scale. Dana Loesh remarked "It's the stuff that happens in your city council, it's the stuff that happens in your city, in your district, that really has the biggest and most immediate impact on your life."

Jacobs and Dana then discussed the effect the "one size fits all" policy of the federal government, particularly the Department of Education, has on something as local as the smallest school board.

Jacobs concluded that local government "would do a much better job than some faceless bureaucrat in Washington D.C., just throwing down edicts."

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