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  • Audio of Chris Kyle Discussing Jesse Ventura
    Posted July 30, 2014 at 3:48 pm by Stu Burguiere

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    Jesse Ventura is a douche. That, you probably already know.

    Yesterday a mindless jury ordered Chris Kyle’s widow to pay $1.8 million to Ventura for “defamation” over a story the late Chris Kyle told on the radio.

    Listen to the audio as Chris told the story and decide if you believe it to be the truth or not (It’s at the 49:00 mark)

  • Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton’s State Department helped Bill Clinton earn millions in speaking fees
    Posted July 30, 2014 at 3:12 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Judicial Watch said Wednesday that it has obtained documents showing that Hillary Clinton’s State Department rubber-stamped more than 200 conflict-of-interest reviews of proposed speaking and consulting engagements for her husband, Bill Clinton, which the group says helped the former president earn $48 million.

    The government watchdog group said State’s decision to approve 215 of these engagements indicates that State was essentially allowing huge banks and other major industry groups to pay speaking and consulting fees to the former president. Those approvals not only helped the Clintons earn millions, but may have allowed these industries to gain influence with Hillary Clinton, the group charges.

    Judicial Watch said Wednesday that Hillary Clinton helped her husband garner millions in speaking and consulting fees by approving all conflict-of-interest reviews of those engagements. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)


  • House preparing to muscle Senate in highway bill fight
    Posted July 30, 2014 at 2:01 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    House Republicans say they will reject a Senate-passed highway funding bill and send a House-passed bill back to the Senate this week, just days before the House plans to leave for the August break.

    The GOP’s rejection of the Senate bill raises the prospect that Congress will leave for the August break without passing any bill at all. That could mean states would start seeing less federal funding for highway projects in August, since the federal highway trust fund is due to expire next month.

    House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio has said he will throw the House-passed highway bill back to the Senate. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)


  • Dems press states to limit gun ownership rights in domestic violence situations
    Posted July 30, 2014 at 12:54 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Senate Democrats led by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) are hoping to create new incentives for states to go beyond federal requirements to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers.

    The Domestic Violence Gun Homicide Prevention Act would give out federal grants to states that enact laws that exceed federal guidelines on domestic violence prohibitions on gun ownership, and  seize firearms when adjudicating or responding to domestic violence.



  • Watch: Corruption, data manipulation at Central Alabama VA
    Posted July 30, 2014 at 10:52 am by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Rep. Martha Roby (R-Ala.) said Wednesday that a majority of employees surveyed said they were told to manipulate patient wait time data at the Central Alabama Veterans, and provided other evidence that she said indicates that the Central Alabama facility may be the most corrupt in the nation.

    Roby said recent investigations also show that key medical personnel weren’t punished for fabricated and lost key medical data, and noted that the director of the facility lied to her direction when he said some employees had been fired.


  • Conservative author Horowitz: Progressives use minorities as ‘human shields to protect their own vulnerabilities’
    Posted July 30, 2014 at 10:15 am by Benjamin Weingarten

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    Outspoken conservative author and frequent Blaze guest David Horowitz believes he has an answer for why Republicans lose elections: the race consciousness and prejudice in America sowed by progressives has created a “racial Teflon” that protects Democrats.

    Horowitz asserts that while leftist policies damage the very minority constituencies — “human shields” as he puts it – on which their political coalition relies, the racial Teflon the left has developed by disparaging their opponents as racists and bigots insulates them from paying a political price for the disastrous consequences of their policies.

    President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder take their seats during the 32nd annual the National Peace Officers Memorial Service, Wednesday, May 15, 2013, on Capitol Hill in Washington, honoring law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. (AP)

    President Obama and Attorney General Holder have frequently asserted that some of their critics are animated by racism. Both Obama and Holder have interjected in a variety of individual instances of perceived racial injustice, including the murder of Trayvon Martin. (Image Source: AP)

    In his new book, “Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left,” Horowitz writes:

    No one [neither John McCain or Mitt Romney] would confront [President] Obama the way he deserved to be confronted [for his various policy failures], because he is black. Actually, Obama is half-black, raised by whites and one Indonesian–but no matter, since racist liberals have made the color of a person’s skin decisive. Because Obama is a man “of color,” no political figure will hold him to the standard to which others are held or confront him with his failures. Every Republican consultant will advise that this can’t be done. That is how race conscious and prejudiced America has become under the influence of Progressive ideas…

    When all is said and done…racial Teflon is the reason Republicans lose elections.

    When all is said and done…racial Teflon is the reason Republicans lose elections. For what is true of Obama is true of the Democratic Party and progressives generally. They succeed in presenting themselves as the defenders of minorities, whom they use as human shields to protect their own vulnerabilities while they go on the offensive and portray their critics as racists. If conservatives are unable to repel and neutralize these squalid Democratic attacks, they can’t hold Democrats accountable. They can’t hold Obama accountable, and by extension they can’t hold any progressive accountable. Because this is how they fight.

    The Left’s campaign narrative is always the same: We are the defenders of the underdog, the advocates of equality and fairness. If you attack us, you are really attacking minorities, women, children, and the poor. If you oppose us, you are racists–the people who supported segregation and lynching…Kathleen Sebelius…said exactly this about opponents of Obamacare, glossing over the fact that segregation, like slavery, was once a plank in the Democratic Party platform. [Link and emphasis Horowitz's]

    But as the title of his book indicates, Horowitz has an action plan to counter this narrative: (more…)

  • VA might ‘discipline’ six employees…but won’t name them or say what they did
    Posted July 30, 2014 at 9:55 am by Pete Kasperowicz

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    The Department of Veterans Affairs announced Tuesday that it has “proposed a series of disciplinary actions against six employees” at VA facilities in Wyoming and Colorado who were involved in the veterans health care scandal.

    But most of these actions will take the form of “proposed suspensions, a demotion, and admonishments.”

    The Department of Veterans Affairs, run recently by Acting Secretary Sloan Gibson, may soon discipline six VA employees involved in the health care scandal. But who are they and what did they do? The VA is not saying. (AP Photo)


  • The VA reform bill — All the spending up front, all the savings years down the road
    Posted July 30, 2014 at 9:01 am by Pete Kasperowicz

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    The Congressional Budget Office reported Tuesday that a bill to reform the broken Department of Veterans Affairs would go through almost all of its $14.4 billion in new spending in the next few years, while most of the $4.5 billion in savings will happen after 2020.

    The CBO’s “budget score” says the VA reform bill will require $10 billion in new spending over the next 10 years, as expected. House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) said Tuesday that adding more to the national debt is acceptable in order to get help to the nation’s veterans who have been denied access to health care.

    House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) (right) and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced they have a deal on a VA reform bill, one that will lead to a $10 billion addition to the federal debt. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images


  • Little girl really doesn’t want her brother to grow up
    Posted July 30, 2014 at 12:07 am by Oliver Darcy

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  • Buck Sexton: To impeach or not to impeach?
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 9:12 pm by Chris Peterson

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    There’s been a lot of talk about impeachment lately. Today on TheBlaze Radio Network, Buck Sexton broke down both sides of the argument and what impeachment would mean politically.

    Buck started off by taking a strong stance against President Barack Obama by saying, “There’s nothing the president of the United States can point to in his second term that would convince rational and fair minded people that he’s done a good job – Not a single thing.”

    So, does Buck think the President should be impeached? You’ll have listen to The Buck Sexton Show On Demand (starting at the 37:11 mark). Bonus: You’ll also be treated to some pretty hilarious Obama and Bill Clinton impressions:

    You can listen to The Buck Sexton Show from 12-2p ET, Monday – Friday, on TheBlaze Radio Network. You can also listen to The Buck Sexton Show anytime for free, on iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud.

  • Man who claims to be mysterious artist behind anti-Obama posters calls into TheBlaze Radio
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 6:10 pm by Mike Opelka

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    Perhaps artwork poking fun at some of the scandals plaguing the Obama administration is a growing industry.

    Last week, during President Barack Obama’s latest fundraising swing through California, another set of anti-Obama, anti-Democratic posters were spotted in the areas where the president was scheduled to appear.

    Image: watisee on

    Image: watisee on

    The artwork took some shots at Obama and the NSA.

    Image: watisee on

    Image: watisee on

    Obama’s famous line, “You didn’t build that,” was lampooned in a poster spotlighting Silicon Valley.

    Image: watisee on

    Image: watisee on

    There was also a flyer that skewered Obama, Pelosi, and the $32,400 per plate fundraising dinner.

    Image: watisee on

    Image: watisee on

    Initially, no group or individual took credit for the artwork. However, late Sunday, TheBlaze received an email from an individual who claimed to be part of a small band of artists responsible for the posters.

    The next morning, a man who identified himself ”Sid” called TheBlaze Radio’s Morning Blaze on Monday and spoke about the work that he claims he and his friends are creating to bring attention to what they see as the failings of this administration.

    “There’s a small group of us, you know, we all come from a variety of different backgrounds, and we’re just working together to get this out,” he told “Morning Blaze” fill-in host Mike Opelka.

    The man also referenced a popular quote from the late Andrew Breitbart: “Politics is downstream of pop culture.”

    When asked why the group did not have a website showcasing their work or provide contact information to the public, the artist mentioned that might be a possibility in the future, but stressed, ”Really, our long term goal is to get more people doing this in cities across America.”

    Listen to the interview with “Sid” at the 32:20 mark of the audio.

    In a follow up telephone interview on Tuesday afternoon, Sid also pointed TheBlaze to some of the group’s early works. These were posters he called the “Sub Par” series. Posters and yard signs that were strategically placed around Augusta, Georgia during The Masters tournament in April of this year.

    Image: watisee on

    Image: watisee on

    The shy artist also added additional clarity to why the group is intent on staying anonymous.

    “We just want our work to be known,” he said.

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  • It’s Tocqueville’s birthday: Here’s what he predicted despotism in America would look like
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 5:08 pm by Benjamin Weingarten

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    In honor of Alexis de Tocqueville’s birthday some 209 years ago, we present this excerpt from the very end of his “Democracy in America,” in which Tocqueville expounds upon his fears about how a democratic society like America might fall to despotism [emphasis ours].

    The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided

    I seek to trace the novel features under which despotism may appear in the world. 

    The first thing that strikes the observation is an innumerable multitude of men all equal and alike, incessantly endeavoring to procure the petty and paltry pleasures with which they glut their lives. Each of them, living apart, is as a stranger to the fate of all the rest—his children and his private friends constitute to him the whole of mankind; as for the rest of his fellow-citizens, he is close to them, but he sees them not—he touches them, but he feels them not; he exists but in himself and for himself alone; and if his kindred still remain to him, he may be said at any rate to have lost his country.


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    Above this race of men stands an immense and tutelary power, which takes upon itself alone to secure their gratifications, and to watch over their fate. That power is absolute, minute, regular, provident, and mild. It would be like the authority of a parent, if, like that authority, its object was to prepare men for manhood; but it seeks on the contrary to keep them in perpetual childhood: it is well content that the people should rejoice, provided they think of nothing but rejoicing.

    For their happiness such a government willingly labors, but it chooses to be the sole agent and the only arbiter of that happiness: (more…)

  • Sessions calls House border bill ‘surrender to a lawless president’
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 4:08 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) on Tuesday said the House’s proposed $659 million spending bill to address the border crisis is effectively a sign of surrender to President Barack Obama, since it contains no language that would stop Obama from granting amnesty and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants.

    Sessions has warned that reports indicate Obama is planning to take this step, and that Congress must seek to defund this possible action or watch as expensive efforts to secure the border fail under the weight of an even bigger flood of immigrants.

    A U.S. Border Patrol agent keeps watch in Roma, Texas, across the Rio Grande River from Ciudad Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Congress remains deeply split over how to deal with the immigration crisis that has seen roughly 60,000 children cross the border into Texas. (AP Photo/Austin American-Statesman, Jay Janner)


  • The Border Is Secure!
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 3:31 pm by Stu Burguiere

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    At least that’s what Harry Reid said. He’s not alone. The left loves to claim that President Obama is tough on the border. Some have even gone so far as to nickname him the “Deporter -in-Chief.”

    But have deportations increased under Obama?

    Only if you look at the numbers the way the Obama administration would like you to look at them.

    Obama himself has even admitted that his deportation numbers are “deceptive.”

    I’ll demonstrate exactly how Obama is deceiving you on the deportation  numbers…using action figures and Strawberry Short Cake dolls, of course.

    Watch here:

  • Glenn interrupted ‘The Pat & Stu Show’ to say these two words
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 3:22 pm by Stu Burguiere

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    Working for Glenn Beck has many unique challenges. Make that many, many, many unique challenges.

    Here at The Blaze we are constantly juggling 40 of Glenn’s ideas at once, suffering through his unconventional attire, correcting countless mispronunciations and of course dealing with stuff like we had to today.

    During Pat & Stu, Glenn interrupted us today in order to say two simple words. It is as if he owns this place or something (Hear Glenn’s rude interruption at the 41:05 mark):

  • Pelosi says everyone living in the United States deserves rights
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 3:17 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that everyone living within the boundaries of the United States deserve rights, regardless of their legal status.

    Pelosi spoke at an ad hoc hearing held by the Congressional Progressive Caucus to hear testimony from three minors who described how and why they came to America. Pelosi said the U.S. needs to “have a heart” and find ways to aid the thousands of children who have traveled across the southern U.S. border. (more…)

  • ‘Coincidence’: Rand Paul’s new bipartisan book set to release in early 2015
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 2:34 pm by Alak Mehta

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    (Image Credit: AP)

    (Image Credit: AP)

    In an interview with Louisville’s The Courier-Journal, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul revealed that he is working on a new book set for release in early 2015. While Senator Paul did not reveal the working title, he mentioned that a possible subtitle was “Beyond Partisanship.”

    Paul says his book will be “about policy and about my approach to a variety of issues, and maybe the uniqueness of that approach.” The book is intended for those not entirely aligned with either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, according to Paul, who elaborated upon his bipartisan appeal:

    “I’ve sided with some of the most liberal members of the Senate on criminal justice reform and NSA (National Security Agency) and surveillance reform and the right to privacy. And I’ve sided with some of the most conservative members of the Senate on areas of regulation and fiscal responsibility and taxation.”

    Paul also told The Courier-Journal that he would make a decision regarding a potential 2016 presidential bid (more…)

  • Official: Obama has ‘prosecutorial discretion’ to expand DACA to millions
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 1:39 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    A senior immigration official told the House on Tuesday that President Barack Obama has the discretion to grant amnesty and work authorization permits to millions of illegal immigrants, because the executive branch has broad discretion in how to implement laws passed by Congress.

    Leon Rodriguez, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, was asked by several House Republicans at Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing about whether it would be legal to expand Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to millions of adults.

    Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez told Congress Tuesday that President Barack Obama has the discretion to expand a controversial amnesty program to millions of illegal immigrants. Alex Wong/Getty Images


  • House GOP proposes $659 million border bill, $3 billion short of Obama’s request
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 12:23 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    House Republicans on Tuesday released a border security bill that spends $659 million to secure the southern U.S. border and help process the thousands of immigrant children who have crossed into the United States this year.

    The bill spends $3 billion less than the $3.7 billion President Barack Obama has requested for the next few years to deal with the border crisis.

    Speaker of the House John Boehner of Ohio created a border security group to devise legislation, which was introduced on Tuesday. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


  • What a British atheist and a Dutch Christian can teach us about combating anti-Semitism
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 11:51 am by Alak Mehta

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    On his radio program Monday, Glenn Beck discussed the problem of anti-Semitism in light of the growing anti-Jewish sentiment metastasizing worldwide, following the renewed conflict in Gaza. In particular, Beck emphasized the idea that anti-Semitism is inimical to humanity itself, citing a speech given by prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens in which the late polemicist stated:

    Because anti-Semitism is the godfather of racism and the gateway to tyranny and fascism and war, it is to be regarded not as the enemy of the Jewish people alone, but as the common enemy of humanity, and of civilization, and has to be fought against very tenaciously for that reason.


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    To illustrate humanity’s collective responsibility to combat anti-Semitism, Beck took out a copy of “A Prisoner and Yet…” by Corrie ten Boom. The book details the inspirational story of a Dutch Christian whose family was sent to a concentration camp for helping save the lives of Jews during the Holocaust. While she watched her father and sister perish, ten Boom found courage in Christ to resist and endure the suffering. This is what Beck had to say about her story: (more…)

  • Senators support boosting U.S. arms in Israel
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 11:01 am by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Dozens of senators from both parties proposed legislation on Monday that would increase the amount of U.S. arms held in Israel that would be available for Israel to use to defend itself from Hamas or other attackers.

    Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) proposed the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act, along with 77 other senators. The bill is an updated version of legislation that senators proposed more than a year ago.

    Smoke and flames rise from a burning fuel tank of Gaza’s power plant after it was hit by Israeli strikes in the Nusseirat Refugee Camp, central Gaza Strip,Tuesday, July 29, 2014. Israel escalated its military campaign against Hamas on Tuesday, striking symbols of the group’s control in Gaza and firing tank shells that shut down the strip’s only power plant in the heaviest bombardment in the fighting so far. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)


  • The single defining civilizational test that millions are failing the world over
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 10:46 am by Benjamin Weingarten

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    George Gilder, President Reagan’s most quoted living author, pioneer of supply-side economics, venture capitalist, and founder of the futurist Discovery Institute presented a test to the world in 2009. If events in recent years and days are any indication, some Americans and millions all over the world are failing it. The test

    distills into a few questions: What is your attitude toward people who surpass you in the creation of wealth or in other accomplishments? Do you aspire to equal their excellence, or does it make you seethe? Do you admire and celebrate exceptional achievement, or do you impugn it and seek to tear it down?

    Gilder writes that one’s attitude towards a single country in the world is the measure of this test.

    The Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem (Photo: Wikipedia)

    The Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem (Photo: Wikipedia)

    [The] central issue [in international politics] is not a global war of civilizations between the West and Islam or a split between Arabs and Jews. These conflicts are real and salient, but they obscure the deeper moral and ideological war. The real issue is between the rule of law and the rule of the leveler, between creative excellence and “fairness,” between admiration of achievement versus envy and resentment of it.

    Israel defines a line of demarcation. On one side, marshaled at the United Nations and in universities around the globe, are those who see capitalism as a zero-sum game in which success comes at the expense of the poor and the environment: every gain for one party comes at the cost of another. On the other side are those who see the genius and the good fortune of some as a source of wealth and opportunity for all.

    The real issue is between the rule of law and…the leveler…Israel defines a line of demarcation

    In Gilder’s “The Israel Test,” he argues that the test is about more than culture or economics, but morality itself, in paragraph that is particularly poignant in light of the class warfare stirring the world over.

    The Israel test is a moral challenge. The world has learned to see moral challenges as issues of charity and compassion toward victims, especially the poor, whose poverty is seen as proof of their victimization. But the moral challenge of this century is not charity toward the poor but treatment of the productive elites who create the wealth that supports us all. A victim only of resentment, Israel epitomizes the plight of the productive elites under siege around the globe.

    Gilder, a philo-Semitic WASP — who admittedly initially failed his own test in his resentment of Jews while growing up as a New England prep school student — continues: (more…)

  • Sessions calls on members to oppose border bill that doesn’t stop Obama’s amnesty plan
    Posted July 28, 2014 at 5:15 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) on Monday called on members of the House and Senate to vote down any border supplemental bill that doesn’t include language blocking President Barack Obama from extending an amnesty and work permit program for millions of illegal immigrants.

    “I’m calling on all members of Congress today to stand up to these lawless actions and sponsor legislate that will block them,” Sessions said on the Senate floor Monday. “I’m calling on all members of Congress today to oppose any border supplemental that does not include such language.” (more…)

  • Fired VA workers will get appeals process under House-Senate bill
    Posted July 28, 2014 at 3:09 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Members of the House and Senate negotiating a bill to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs have agreed to language giving fired VA officials a 21-day appeal period, instead of allowing them to be fired immediately with no appeal.

    Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and his House counterpart Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) announced the deal to reporters on Monday. The agreement also includes $15 billion in immediate funding — two-thirds of that amount will be treated as emergency spending and thus will not be offset with spending cuts.

    House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) (right) and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced their agreement on a VA reform bill on Monday. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images


  • Jeffy’s big news will ruin your weekends
    Posted July 28, 2014 at 3:09 pm by Stu Burguiere

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    TheBlaze’s Jeff Fisher (“Jeffy”) made a big announcement on Pat & Stu today. Granted it’s really, really bad news for your ears but it still qualifies as big news (listen at the 46:00 mark):