Ron Paul finally gets a vote and Trump secures his presidency

Doc Thompson, Kari Malinak and Brad Staggs fill in on “Pat & Stu” to discuss how Donald Trump secures his election with over 270 elector votes and Ron Paul finally wins, even when he doesn’t run for public office. Kari talks about how for the first time ever Ron Paul gets an electoral vote, which was from a Trump defector in Texas.

“For the first time since 1972, we had anybody defect, any of the electors defect,” Doc tells us. “Ten total, eight defected from Hillary.” Of the remaining, two defected from Trump and one voted for Ron Paul.

“But Hillary ended up losing electors,” Doc informs us. He states how Hillary is still blaming the Russians and Bill Clinton is now blaming “old angry white men and the FBI.”

Kari points out how Hillary still would have not received the 270 electoral votes. “Now see what you’re doing here, you’re using logic and that is absolutely not going to apply with all of them, you gotta throw that right out the window,” Doc exclaims.

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