Who Were the Mysterious Folks in KKK Garb Spotted With Pro-Trump Signs at Nevada Caucus Location? Some Say Their Hands Give It Away.

No one’s disputing that a pair of characters draped in Ku Klux Klan garb and carrying pro-Donald Trump signs showed up at a Nevada caucus location Tuesday night — but the question of the moment is, “Who are they?”

And particularly — what’s the color of their skin?

A number of photos were snapped of the supposed KKK representatives outside Cimarron High School —

— but some observers said the individuals in question were black and pointed to their hands.

Kevin Smith posted this photo and said he saw the pair up close. “Who on the Democrat side … set this up?” he asked:

Smith added in a follow-up tweet that “the one on the right had a black hand”:

Krystal Heath, station manager at KXVL-FM — a ministry of Liberty Baptist Church in Las Vegas — posted this photo:

Many were appalled, but other responders had doubts:

She added the following tweet less than an hour later:

Will Bunch, a left-leaning writer for the Philadelphia Daily News, had his doubts about the legitimacy of the pair’s intentions:

Erv Nelson, a Republican running for the Nevada state senate, tweeted that he saw the pair and “told these KKK wannabes how disgusting they were”:

Others replied to Nelson saying the two individuals are black:

In response, Nelson said he figured they were anti-Trump people but that he didn’t see their hands and that it didn’t matter:

Gina Lazara of KTNV-TV posted a photo of the pair credited to Ryan Hendricks:

As it happens, Hendricks is a self-described “filmmaker, entrepreneur, feminist” who’s no fan of Trump, and he told the station about his interaction with two fellas in the KKK robes:

(H/T: Twitchy)


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