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Chad Prather: 'There is no such thing as government-funded [health care].'

Chad Prather

'There is only people-funded'

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On Wednesday's episode of "The Chad Prather Show," Chad was joined by his wife, Jade, and discussed why "Medicare for All" does not mean free health care for all.

In this clip, Chad highlighted the Democrats' dishonest "pitch" to the American people promising free health care through their Medicare for All campaign promise.

Chad explained that Medicare for All would cost the American taxpayers $35 trillion. The federal budget is $4 trillion.

"You do the math," Chad said.

'If Medicare is so great then why does everyone on it have to buy supplemental insurance? Because it sucks." Chad said. "If you want it [Medicare for All] then you are an idiot."

Jade said individuals who suffer from mental health issues avoid seeking treatment due to the high cost of care — including "government-funded" health care.

"There is no such thing as government-funded [health care]," Chad said.

"There is only people-funded," Jade added.

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