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Deace: The fight for COVID freedom isn't over. Our gov't is still trying to ruin the lives of US troops.
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Deace: The fight for COVID freedom isn't over. Our gov't is still trying to ruin the lives of US troops.

I received a lot of images earlier this week from people giddy to share their mask-free experiences while flying. It's clear that one judge’s Thanos-like snap signaled a new birth of freedom to them, and as someone who has been pointing out how worthless the masks have actually been for the better part of the last two years, I am not without sympathy. But ...

We can’t be like the leftist zombies who believe that whatever emotion they have amounts to a Gospel all others must share regardless of experience. Our lust for freedom can’t intoxicate us to the point that we no longer recognize or even care about someone else’s slavery. Especially when the chains are for those whose very job is to make sure our freedom is preserved at all costs.

Because as some of us race to book our next maskless flight, there are other Americans currently serving in the military for whom COVID and its various oppressions are far from being a thing of the past. One such airman’s wife recently contacted me to make the point that lives and careers are hanging in the balance as we speak.

Her husband is a 16-year decorated veteran of 1,300 combat hours. Yet despite all his selfless dedication, he now awaits the verdict of his appeal of the Air Force’s refusal to grant him a waiver for taking the COVID vaccine. Their nine children await as well. They are in this together, fighting to defend the First Amendment’s right to free speech as a proud military family on the one hand; meanwhile, simultaneously being afraid to openly use the First Amendment themselves, because of how dead-set the military brass has been against individuals who choose not to poison themselves or turn their hearts into ticking myocarditis time bombs.

Does this make her sad? Frustrated? No, she says, while asking me to help her family and others like her draw attention to the ongoing and needless purge of the military’s conscientious vaccine objectors. She calls it “more like rage.”

“Some of my closest friends have told me completely ridiculous things like ‘we signed up for this’ because my husband joined the military,” said the airman’s wife, who herself also happens to be a nurse. “When I go to church, none of the women there even talk to me any more. We have such huge information gaps, and it is scary that our general population thinks this way.”

Sadly, the information gap is often born out of absorbing only the propaganda that makes us feel comfortable, instead of the truths that must nourish us if we are going to be effective in our duties as citizens. And one of those truths should obviously damn well be that those who took an oath to lay down their lives to defend their country didn’t sign up to be lab rats for Big Pharma.

So how about you step up on their behalf, get rid of that worthless Ukrainian flag emoji for a change, and replace it with a genuine concern for the men and women of the red, white, and blue before Biden completely ruins their lives?

“The Department of Defense has worked very hard to keep these individuals isolated and alone,” said the airman’s wife, referring to those who are refusing the jab. “We thought we were just 1-3 percent, but recently realized the numbers are closer to 7 percent for no vaccination and 20 percent or more for incomplete vaccination.”

To get rid of all those enlisted people for a lie is nothing short of an act of war being declared by our own country against reality and decency itself. We can take our own masks off all we want, but if someone else is still being forced to choke on them somewhere else in the form of a needle that offers none of its promised protection, none of us is truly free.

Not yet.

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