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Whitlock: I stand by my comparison of BLM to the KKK — no matter who might object
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Whitlock: I stand by my comparison of BLM to the KKK — no matter who might object

They share the same intent

Wednesday evening, during an appearance on Tucker Carlson's Fox News program, I analogized Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan.

It's a provocative and jarring analogy. It's a comparison I truly believe.

Friday morning, a reporter from my hometown paper, the Indianapolis Star, contacted me asking for clarification of my analogy. I told the reporter that I would respond in writing via email because I felt it was the best way to ensure that I thoughtfully addressed the inquiry.

A few hours later, the Indianapolis Star published a fair story relaying my thoughts. Here's a link to the Star story. The Star, even when I was a high school athlete 35 years ago, has always treated me fairly.

However, I believe publishing my full response to the Star is the most effective way to defend my analogy. Here's what I wrote to the Star reporter:

The Ku Klux Klan was founded on Christmas Eve 1865 by Confederate soldiers dedicated to undermining the racial progress sparked by the Civil War and Emancipation Proclamation. "The KKK engaged in terrorist raids against African Americans and white Republicans at night, employing intimidation, destruction of property, assault, and murder to achieve its aims and influence upcoming elections," according to History.com. Here's a link to a summation of the KKK's history.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests have primarily terrorized and destroyed property in black communities at night. BLM and Antifa have attempted to intimidate white Republicans. BLM protests have been violent and caused the assassination of law enforcement officers and other citizens. BLM is a cleverly marketed slogan that provides cover for extremists to undermine racial progress and bully American citizens to support Democrat politicians. It's not a coincidence that BLM riots pick up during an election cycle and disappear after the votes have been counted.

My analogy is not far fetched or hard to comprehend, particularly for the mainstream media. My analogy is far more substantive and accurate than pretending the events at the Capitol on January 6 were an armed insurrection analogous to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. BLM, founded by self-described trained Marxists, has a stated goal of disrupting Western Civilization traditions and values. Despite the sweet-sounding name, BLM acts as a racial divider — no different from the KKK.

It's my belief that the KKK and BLM share the same intent. They use race, intimidation, violence, and property destruction to achieve political goals on behalf of the Democratic Party.

Cultural changes and technological advances explain the difference in tactics between the KKK of old and its modern-day successor, BLM. Burning buildings have replaced burning crosses. Social media lynch mobs destroy a person's character, strike fear, and silence dissent.

In the KKK's heyday, a black man could have his life destroyed for making eye contact with a white woman. In BLM's heyday, a black man can have his life destroyed for expressing an opinion that contradicts the ideology of white liberals.

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