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Carol Roth: There's a peaceful solution to a national divorce — and it involves Canada
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Carol Roth: There's a peaceful solution to a national divorce — and it involves Canada

Let those who want freedom have it and those who want control have that

As I watched the “Freedom Convoy” organized by Canadian truckers and the protesters supporting them along the way, it was hard not to be inspired by their pushback against overreaching, freedom-crushing government COVID and vaccine mandates.

Then, it occurred to me how much more I and many of my independence-appreciating Americans align with the truckers' ideals than those of some of our citizen neighbors. I am talking about the large part of the country that supports force, coercion, and control, not just around COVID-related decisions, but frankly, around just about everything in life.

So, why not enact a swap? Freedom-loving Canadians can come to America, while those who want socialism, a welfare state, or any other facet of big government control can head up in exchange to Canada.

I’m only half-joking.

America was founded as the unique place in the world where the individual’s rights are enumerated and protected and the power of the state is limited. This is the core, founding principle of America, enshrined in the Constitution, that makes it different from every other country in the world.

Many of us take issue, when there are so many other nations to choose from that put the interests of the group or the state above that of the individual, with the actions of the many American citizens who work to dismantle America’s unique and special structure — one that has brought prosperity to people throughout not only our country, but countries around the globe.

It is difficult to live in harmony with people who want to tear this down. They have already been champions of moving us away from core principles to bigger, more centralized government and fewer freedoms. People who want to control and coerce you to do what they want, often by force, are not your friends or your allies; they are your enemies.

It’s hard to share a country when the differences are that stark.

As the idea of a national divorce and other peaceful separations have been floated, what if it were truly more of a freedom swap? As America has the foundational structure for freedom, those Canadians who believed in those principles could come here and help the rest of us reclaim it in full.

Those Americans who like the idea of government dependence and control can head next door to Canada, which is set up precisely for that.

It gives people the governance they want without destruction of any core principles.

As a bonus, hockey and poutine both travel well.

Of course, as in any parting relationship, we would have to split up resources and more, but it is worth it and there is always a way to do so. As a bonus, all of those celebrities, journalists, and other high-profile individuals who threatened to move to Canada after Donald Trump won the presidency will finally have their chance.

In fact, it can be a pilot program, and other countries can be involved over time, too. Want freedom? Come to the U.S. Want control? Here’s our list of participating countries …

It may sound ridiculous, but it is a heck of a lot less ridiculous than driving the final stake through the heart of the sole protector of individual rights in the world.

We must protect the sacred status of individual rights and get back to minimizing control of the government, at all levels. Aligning with others who believe in freedom sounds like a good start.

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Carol Roth

Carol Roth


Carol Roth is a recovering investment banker, the New York Times best-selling author of “You Will Own Nothing,” and a business adviser.
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