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Communist-friendly Bernie Sanders' surge is the fulfillment of the left's longtime hatred for what America has always stood for
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Communist-friendly Bernie Sanders' surge is the fulfillment of the left's longtime hatred for what America has always stood for

'Freedom is running on fumes'

Bernie Sanders was so uninspired by the Miracle on Ice in 1980 that eight years later he was honeymooning in Moscow. Do you believe in miracles, Bernie? Nah, too busy seizing the means of production, I guess. And he was actually living out his honeymoon bliss when the Soviet Union's devious wish-casting about communism had nearly come to its wretched close.

Yet here he is, 40 years later and nearly 80 years-old himself, somehow having catapulted himself to the top of the Democratic pack in the race to become the next president of these United States. That should literally be impossible in this land of ours, but the progressive religion now competing for our souls has a bizarro world of dumpster fire miracles to offer all its own.

In that realm, Sanders excusing Fidel Castro's murderous ways as mere bumps in the road on the way to wonderful literacy programs is easily digestible propaganda. Especially when standing next to the, ahem, grotesque shock and awe of the actual Miracle on Ice players celebrating the anniversary of their achievement with the current president, Donald Trump.

Trigger warning: Some of them wore the terrible red baseball hats of your worst nightmares and everything.

Former cable news apparatchik Soledad O'Brien tweeted, "Ugh.... so disappointed by the @1980MiracleTeam. I loved that game as a kid with my dad. Loved watching the movie with my kids. To see them on a stage, in MAGA hats — kinda crushing I have to say."

The funny thing here is that being of Cuban dissent herself, O'Brien is — per her Twitter feed — rather conflicted right now about Sanders. Yet she still can make plenty of time to get her undies in a bunch about a celebration that could have just as easily been ignored by her, like a grown up who ignores a musician or actor who campaigns for a politician they don't like but is still willing to attend their concerts or movies.

Do you believe in Miracles, Soledad? No, just dying to virtue signal those guys for beating the Communists and then having the nerve to actually be free and stuff.

Because this really isn't about any differences two America haters might have but their similarities as destroyers of worlds. They, those who vote for them, or have engaged in journalism like them, share in common a deep-seated iconoclasm where hatred of the traditional other is paramount. There is no other explanation for why one of the single greatest sporting/pop culture moments in all of American history — beating the Russians in hockey — can give people the existential vapors if celebrated by the wrong person, yet a Castro cheerleader can be living his best life now.

It's because of the same people. It's because the National Anthem isn't an honorable melody to them. It's a threat.

Sure, Trump is likely to win the coming election as long as the economy doesn't tank, but the ethos that has fueled and sustained Bernie all these years is clearly close to permanently winning the day. Freedom is running on fumes, so much so that a ridiculous personality like his and his brazen tyrant-humping will barely get in the way of being nominated by one of our two major parties for the nation's highest office.

Bernie and his plans for the rest of us seem to eventually be, in fact, inevitable. For this isn't a hijacking of the Democrat Party he is engaged in. No, he is fulfilling it.

Do the rest of us still believe in miracles? We better.

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