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Deace: If we think it can't happen to us, we're dead wrong
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Deace: If we think it can't happen to us, we're dead wrong

Mike Lindell, aka the My Pillow Guy, aka MAGA threat to the republic, had his car surrounded at a fast food drive-through and is now being investigated by Biden’s totes legit (we promise!) Department of Injustice for (of all things) identity theft.

Otherwise known as whatever the sam hill the Spirit of the Age’s jack-booted thugs wanted to make up out of thin air to justify harassing someone who dares dissent from the regime. Pro tip: Given the current state of our injustice system, Lindell could rest assured he’d be avoiding prison time provided he’d done the following instead:

  • Rape sex-trafficked girls on Epstein Island.
  • Turn hospitals across the country into "The Island of Dr. Moreau" by mutilating the bodies of depressed teenagers, especially if it’s without their parents’ consent.
  • Intentionally run over a teenage Republican “extremist” with your car because you disagree with him and even call 9-1-1 and admit to doing the dirty deed.
  • Mandate knowingly giving healthy young men myocarditis and healthy young women miscarriages.
  • Teach kids how to perform “rimming,” “anal sex,” “bondage,” “domination,” “sadomasochism,” “muffing,” and “fisting” in a public school classroom.
  • Be named Ray Epps.

We are somewhere between the “late republic nonsense” and “banana republic” turnpikes on the Highway to Hell, with the pedal to the metal all the way to the ash heap of history. Devil may care – and trust me, he cares quite a bit – nothing is stopping us from reaching our final destination if the mob outside Lot’s house has its way. A country that once began with “we the people” is now buried under “here lies managed decay.”

The shining city on a hill has been desecrated beyond recognition by demonic Democrats and Jesuit priest Republicans alike into the farce we are now. Their singular goal, despite their respective claims of mutual opposition, is the complete undoing of each and every aspect of reality that tethers our souls to the good, the true, and the beautiful.

The only difference between the two parties isn’t the mission but the motivation. Democrats are agents of chaos and carnage; Republicans just want in on the grift.

Meanwhile, in Iran, God is proving that His cosmic sense of timing shall not be mocked. Because as woke America self-immolates as the only nation ever founded on a creed, a land long subdued by an imposter god may be awakening. Wouldn’t it be something if Iran rose up as we lay down?

Iran may have its Rosa Parks, a woman murdered while in police custody for not wearing her hijab. The Iranians have their mad King George, the ailing Ayatollah Khamenei. They have their ruthless redcoats, the Revolutionary Guard. And as we speak, they may be having their Boston Tea Party/civil rights movement, as people take to the streets to take back the self-evident: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So once were we, before we traded conviction for comfort and reason for madness. Before we managed to convince ourselves that if they can do this to Lindell, non-violent January 6 protesters, and sexually confused kids, we can trust they’ll totally pump the brakes before their appetite for destruction welcomes us to the jungle.

We’re dead wrong.

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Steve Deace

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