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Horowitz: Leave Africa alone and stop forcing the shots it clearly doesn’t need
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Horowitz: Leave Africa alone and stop forcing the shots it clearly doesn’t need

To quote Rep. Thomas Massie, “We are 100 weeks, 2 presidents, 7 trillion dollars, 3 jabs, and a shredded Constitution into slowing the spread.” And what have we gotten for it? Here is a chart worth 7 trillion words comparing the results of high-income nations and low income nations.

Unlike the wealthier Western countries, African nations don’t have enough money to pay for the rope to hang themselves. Now, the Western world, led by the WHO, wants to share the wealth of the experimental injections to a continent that clearly did much better during the pandemic without them.

Last week, BioNTech, Pfizer’s German partner in developing the COVID-19 injections, announced at a summit a plan to ship a vaccine factory made from shipping containers to the first mRNA manufacturing facility in the African Union, which is due to begin in mid-2022. The presentation in Marbug, Germany, last Wednesday was attended by German officials, the presidents of Senegal, Ghana, and Rwanda, and other dignitaries including the WHO's director general. The new BioNTainer manufacturing module is said to have the capability of producing 50 million doses per day in an attempt to bridge the disparity of vaccination rates between the continent and the rest of the world.

“I am grateful for the support of the great leaders and experts who joined us today,” said BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin. “It is an honor to work with them to make a difference and to support sustainable vaccine access, establishing regional manufacturing facilities in Africa — with the people on the African continent. I am optimistic that the next time we meet in front of BioNTainers, it will not be in Europe, but in Africa.”

But nobody is questioning the premise of this endeavor. With Africa now crushing the rest of the world in COVID outcomes, even though just 11% of the continent is vaccinated, who’s to say this effort isn’t harmful rather than helpful to the African people? For once, perhaps it’s OK to not use Africa as the private testing ground for Bill Gates and perhaps let the Africans enjoy the dividends of their clearly superior natural immunity or prudence eschewing these leaky and faulty shots.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been an unmistakable trend where most Western countries have been hit hard by the pandemic, while African and far-east Asian countries barely suffered any excess deaths. However, that trend has become even more jarring over the past year with the take-up of the vaccines, as even some of the European countries and Asian countries that skated by COVID in 2020 are now experiencing their worst death waves, even with the mildest forms of COVID – precisely after almost all their adults are vaccinated and nearly all of the vulnerable people are boosted. Africa is now the last area standing with relatively few deaths and strong natural immunity despite, by far, the lowest vaccination levels, or perhaps … because of them?

Take the country of Malawi, for example. It has experienced just 130 deaths per million, which is 22 times less than the COVID death rate in the U.S., and now even less than extremely healthy Asian countries like Japan and Singapore. While Israel, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore all experience their worst waves after everyone is triple-jabbed, Malawi, with a life expectancy 20 years lower than the aforementioned super healthy countries, is skating by just fine. Just 4% of the country is double-vaxxed, and boosters are unheard of.

You might be thinking this is because the virus hasn’t made much of an appearance yet. But as NPR reported in January, antibody tests in Malawi have shown that already last summer, “80% of the population had already been infected with some strain of the coronavirus.” Which is why, unlike the Western and even East Asian countries, which are experiencing their worst waves post-vaccination, “The number of deaths this time [in Malawi] has been a fraction of the already low number during previous waves.”

Similar studies have found high levels of natural immunity in Kenya, Madagascar, and South Africa, according to NPR. That is presumably the story in most of continental Africa. A recent preprint from World Health Organization researchers found that antibody tests indicated an infection rate 97 times greater than reported cases as of September 2021. The extrapolated numbers would indicate 800 million of the continent’s 1.2 billion people have already been infected, and that was before Omicron.

Why Africans, especially outside South Africa, have done so well is still the subject of speculation. It could be due to the very young median age, genetics, cross-immunity from other diseases, rampant use of ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine for other ailments, or having dealt with the virus naturally before it got more aggressive. But what is abundantly clear is that the vaccine played no role, and if correlation indicates any degree of causation, it would seem to indicate they have done better with natural immunity precisely because they didn’t embrace the faulty shots, which might suppress natural immunity. The bifurcating outcomes of far East Asia vs. Africa during the Omicron wave would certainly lend credence to that theory.

India is another non-Western country that appears to have achieved herd immunity and has rightfully rejected Pfizer fascism. India dropped Pfizer’s emergency use authorization application after it felt the company did not have adequate safety and immunogenicity studies. The country appears to be doing just fine with lower vaccination rates than the U.S., Israel, and European countries.

Just 56% of the country is fully vaccinated, and many areas have even lower rates. Boosters are extremely rare.

For far too long, Africa and other developing nations have been used as testing grounds for dubious medical experiments by global elites. Our government’s first escapade in Africa experimenting with dangerous therapeutics was during the HIV epidemic. For once, Africa has actually escaped the pharma colonialism, because this time the Western countries were the lab rats. Shouldn’t Africa be allowed to escape this one experiment?

The next time Big Pharma comes knocking on their door, they should say: “Thanks, but no thanks. We’re doing just fine.”

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