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If you challenge Darwinism, you challenge everything about Progressivism
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If you challenge Darwinism, you challenge everything about Progressivism

Leftists' Darwin religion is more important to them than science

Greetings from the world of science! (that will be promptly ignored or attacked by progressives due to lacking in sufficient woke magic):

A professor from no less than Yale University has stuck a fork in one of the leftist intellectual establishment's primary cornerstones. Basically, David Gelernter says Darwinism is for suckers.

Then he added that not only is Darwinism insufficient and outdated science, but it has also reached the point of unstable religiosity among his peers.

And as if the computer science wizard didn't have enough of a death wish, he went even further and said that Intelligent Design — one of academia's favorite whipping boys over the course of the last decade-plus — is an argument that must be taken seriously and is not simply the product of religious imagination.

Dude. There's laying down ordinance, and then there's this guy. He could make Thanos blush with a snap of the fingers like this.

But the fossil record simply doesn't support Darwin, Gelernter noted. Furthermore, the likelihood of randomly occurring proteins of the sort and volume required to produce abundant and variant life of our complex sort like we have is statistically impossible.

It is what it is. That's science for you. Just the facts. Except, Gelernter knows, for many of the scientists.

“You take your life into your hands to challenge (Darwinism) intellectually," he said. “They will destroy you."

Because when you challenge Darwinism, you are actually challenging literally everything that progressivism has to offer. Its cosmology. Its epistemology. Its ethics. Everything. For progressivism is really a spirit of the age cult. And nothing will stand in a cult's way — not even your science, facts, and stuff.

Yet here's the thing about cults, they always end up on the ash heap of history, and always for the same reasons. See, you can only tilt at windmills or shake your first at God for so long. Eventually, if you break the natural law long enough, it ends up breaking you. Sooner or later you're gonna learn the hard way that reality bites, dude.

It's just a matter of how much collateral damage you cause, and how many poor souls you cause to perish, on the way to your eternal comeuppance.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and they will declare it no matter how many institutions you co-opt and coerce. No matter how many cultures you ruin. No matter how many lies you tell. No matter how much magical thinking you believe. No matter how much you intimidate critical-thinkers into silence. No matter how thoroughly you thought-police faculty boards, newsrooms, and social media platforms.

For no matter how much temporal power your cult thinks it has or people it's confident it has deceived, these words from Captain America perfectly describe what the real chain of command is around here: "There's only one God, and I'm pretty sure He doesn't dress like that."

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