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It's time we all recognize left-wing progressivism for what it is — a cult
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It's time we all recognize left-wing progressivism for what it is — a cult

They want to control you

Daydream believer and presidential candidate Marianne Williamson had a stark realization recently about the Democratic Party she's been dancing with by the pale moonlight: "What does it say that the conservatives are nicer to me?"

What does it say indeed? That's a general question we ask a lot on "The Steve Deace Show." It appeals to either our high-minded desire to follow the truth where ever it leads or our masochism for finding out terrible answers. Seems more like the latter these days.

In Williamson's case, the answer she needs to hear is that despite her zany attempt to fulfill the Celestine Prophecy, the progressives that make up the cold, dead heart of her chosen party are far greater cultists than she could ever imagine herself to be. Williamson is trying to convert you, while the progressives are trying to control you.

So stay in your lane and go write another book, sweetheart. Leave the dark magic to us.

Speaking of dark magic and "What does it say?" questions, what does it say that Christine Blasey Ford's own father not only didn't believe his daughter's allegations concerning Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but flat out personally offered his support to Kavanaugh's father?

As a father of daughters myself, I'll tell you what it says. Because you don't do that as a father unless something has gone terribly wrong. Normally a dad has to be stopped from assassinating the fiend who did this to his princess. But in this case, dear old dad felt the need to stop his wayward princess from committing character assassination instead. This is what happens when your daughter has joined a cult.

Which, by the way, her own lawyer basically testified to a couple weeks ago on camera, by stating that Blasey Ford was motivated to go after Kavanaugh largely because of her passion for supporting the baby-killing industry.

The blood oaths are real. Nothing about this cult I speak of is fringe or in any way meant to be deemed as merely rhetorical. This is a real-time pagan train-wreck that refreshes itself with vigor every single day.

What does it say when the New York Times spends the anniversary of 9/11 talking about Islamophobia and white terrorism? It's part of a propaganda-based cult, that's what.

What does it say when Facebook continues to have an obsession with a satirical website, the Babylon Bee, because it dares to laugh at its standard-issue speech-code shibboleths? Again, it's a humorless cult.

What does it say when, in the name of Science!, that the smart set must assume the non-gender of penguins in order to force a lesson upon the world upon the importance of never assuming the gender of anyone at all? Cult, cult, cult.

I'm like Captain America on this subject, man. I can do this all day. And I have been. For years I've been trying to sound the warning about the path we were on. And for years I clearly haven't had much success. But this is too important to quit, so here it goes again.

Cults don't compromise or accommodate you unless it is simply a temporary means to their ultimate goal: Overcoming you. Overthrowing you. Owning you. So unless there is a clear and obvious alternative worldview to oppose that reality in the name of the good, the true and the beautiful, the United Cult of State is exactly what you are going to get.

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