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Two trans women
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‘Male privilege’ is absolutely real … for transgender women

Men can do whatever they want, if they just claim to be women

This week, Joseph Matthew Smith from Iowa, who was convicted of sexually molesting children as young as 1 years old — when babies' ages are still measured in months — escaped time in the clink. Why, you ask? He realized he was actually a woman trapped in a man's body. Not to be confused with a child trapped in his clutching hands while he shoved his crotch member in places it should never be.

Violent mental image necessary to set the stakes, your honor.

The judge in Joseph Smith's case said since Smith, now "Josie Smith" (cute) had been shooting up with estrogen and thus diluted his testosterone, largely responsible for an increased sex drive, he was no longer a threat to children who'd rather not be raped. Concerned citizens worried Smith might rape their babies can just calm down already, sheesh.

Smith's case is but one extreme example of the kind of privilege transgender women, aka men, have been bequeathed by a society which has gone too far in trying to prove itself understanding and compassionate. Never mind that same society giving the stamp of approval on women killing their own babies. That's just "women's rights." Let's not get bogged down by tedious details.

Male privilege, female privilege, hot privilege. Not one of them holds a Gwyneth Paltrow scented vagina candle to transgender women privilege. If one is a dude who identifies as a dame, one has the societal red carpet rolled out before it, so it may dance its hairy hobbit feet wherever it pleases. Just make sure you call him "Ma'am."

Examples of which you're likely well aware:

So strong is the privilege with these masculine madams, few are willing to stand up to them.

Oh sure, pockets of people are doing their darnedest to keep these He-Ladies from squashing mostly women, but the most popular pushback against transgender women privilege comes just like this: words. Words from conservatives in conservative media, spoken by conservatives in conservative media, words written and spoken by a smattering of women's rights groups, most dutifully ignored by mainstream media.

How to pushback against the transgender women's movement is a subject for another time. Though I will say all the ladies competing with transgenders should just boycott their own events. As a start.

First we must acknowledge that He-Ladies are the most privileged, prized, well-treated class in First World 2020. More privileged than the whitest man or the whitest woman could ever hope to be. Transgenders as a whole have actually convinced too many people (mostly leftist morons) to even alter the language and how it's used in order to cater to their tranny whims. In countries like Canada and Britain, if one doesn't cater to their language demands, legal action is on the table. If that's not power, what is?

Here's my big question: If the idea of "privilege" in the hands of one demographic was wrong (men), why is it acceptable if that same demographic (men) owns the monopoly on privilege just by declaring themselves women?

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