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Why progressives can’t stand ‘An Appeal to Heaven’
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Why progressives can’t stand ‘An Appeal to Heaven’

The left hates Samuel Alito because he opposes the eternal revolution. The fact that he would appeal to heaven before appealing to the petty gods of progressivism is a crime against the Total State.

In a media-run state, every news cycle is an opportunity to further the regime’s propaganda and reinforce the narrative. The relentless outrage manufactured by our media overlords has become increasingly absurd as their pool of viable candidates for the mandatory two minutes of hate continues to shrink.

Leftism demands an eternal revolution, which requires enemies of the people who can be flogged publicly for the amusement of the masses. As progressives achieve near total control, the number of real threats to their power shrinks, so they must go to increasingly outrageous lengths to manufacture the kinds of enemies they desire.

For all their pearl clutching about threats to democracy, liberals have enthusiastically overridden the will of the people using the power of the courts.

The latest bit of media-manufactured outrage has come in the form of a flag flown by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito outside his summer home in New Jersey. The “Appeal to Heaven” flag features a tall New England pine tree on a white background, not exactly the most controversial imagery one could imagine. Nevertheless, progressive journalists flooded television and social media with a deluge of hysterical reports warning that fascism was now the ruling ideology of the high court.

The high priests of our secular regime quickly connected the flag to the January 6 protest and Christian nationalism, convincing millions of lonely wine-aunts that they are one election away from living in “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

The Supreme Court has become a very high-priority target for the left after losing its multigenerational domination of the institution a few years ago. When progressives held sway, they used the judiciary body as a battering ram, forcing through every leftist policy while laughing at the voters. While we are often fed narratives of brave souls leading protest movements that shift public opinion, the truth is that most of the left’s cultural victories were won through judicial fiat, not the ballot box. For all their pearl clutching about threats to democracy, liberals have enthusiastically overridden the will of the people using the power of the courts at every opportunity and have only turned on the institution because they lost control of it.

Conservatives often buy into the lie of popular will instead of focusing on the control of the institutions that shape and control that will, but the dedicated forces of the pro-life movement generated a rare moment of political realism on the right. To the great credit of pro-life activists, they realized that control of the judiciary through the dedicated actions of an organized minority was the key to victory and acted accordingly. Popular education and persuasion were not abandoned, but activists realized that disciplined pressure carefully applied to key actors in the GOP could reliably produce the kind of justices that would advance their interests. While a shift in national abortion law was their main goal, the result was a Supreme Court willing to take on other leftist sacred cows, including affirmative action and the administrative state.

Progressives were enthusiastic about the court’s ability to override the will of the majority when popular opinion wasn’t on their side but now they have embraced mob rule. The left has invested heavily in the ability to manipulate mass democracy and would like to see it become the only legitimate authority. The framers of the Constitution heavily restricted the influence of democracy, ensuring that it would only directly select one half of one third of the government. Over time, however, those restrictions have fallen away. Democrats have deployed mass immigration, mass media, and mass public education to ensure that the rising tide of mass democracy worked in their favor.

Democrats are now openly attempting to remove every constitutional impediment to mob rule by attacking the disproportional representation meant to protect smaller states in institutions like the Electoral College and the Senate. Due to its domination of consensus manufacturing institutions and access to an endless stream of replacement voters through mass immigration, the left is now all-in on rule by manipulated majority.

The upshot? The Supreme Court, once a stalwart ally in the quest to dismantle and remake America, has now become an enemy.

Though some “conservative” justices betray the right on a regular basis, the fact that the court seems willing to oppose the progressive revolution at all makes it a sinister villain in the mind of the average journalist.

With the wild allegations of secret fascism leveled at Alito, many conservative commentators rushed to explain the true history of a flag that had been flown by America’s founders. While this reaction is understandable, even admirable, those deep roots in the American tradition are what made the flag objectionable to the left in the first place.

Progressives hate Alito because he serves as a stumbling block to the eternal revolution. They can and have manufactured a reason to call him a fascist out of thin air. But the fact that the justice holds a clear reverence for American history and identity is further justification for hatred from a progressive movement that seeks to destroy both of those things.

While the “Appeal to Heaven” flag is steeped in American history, it is an unavoidable fact that our history is one forged in the fires of rebellion. The “appeal to heaven” comes from John Locke, the founder of classical liberalism from whom our Founding Fathers drew heavily when writing the Declaration of Independence. Locke asserted:

Where the body of the people, or any single man, is deprived of their right, or is under the exercise of a power without right, and have no appeal on earth, then they have a liberty to appeal to heaven, whenever they judge the cause of sufficient moment.

Thomas Jefferson had that passage in mind when he enumerated the reasons for America’s separation from the bonds tying it to the British government.

It is this recognition of a liberty ordered under heaven that progressives would like purged from our American identity. Progressives acknowledge no authority higher than themselves and seek the totalitarian power to reshape not only our nation but mankind itself to fit their horrific vision of utopia. They would have found any excuse to make Samuel Alito an object of derision and hate because he stands in the way of their glorious revolution. But the fact that he would appeal to heaven before appealing to the petty gods of progressivism is a crime against the Total State itself.

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