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Ben Ferguson: A 'normal media' would applaud Trump's intent to secure our border

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, filling in for LevinTV host Mark Levin, Ben Ferguson lit into the media for its portrayal of Donald Trump's threat to send the military to protect the southern border, after a caravan of illegal immigrants advertised their intent to enter the country.

"You have to understand what these migrant caravans are doing, these are illegal immigrants who are chanting and saying, 'I'm coming to break into America and you're not going to stop me.' It's no different than someone saying 'We're coming to your neighborhood, and we're going to break into your house and we're going to steal your stuff,' it's not any different than that, it's the same intent."


Ferguson explained that portraying the president as "unhinged" for protecting the country is absurd.

"In a normal world, with a normal media ... the headline would actually look like and read, 'President of the United States of America defends lawlessness across the border in Mexico, and puts Mexico on notice that if they don't stop these illegal immigrants from coming across into this country, that we will close our southern border to protect our nation's interest,' and it would be clapped by all, right? Because this is what a normal president does. This is what a normal mother or father would do to protect their house."

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