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'Body count': Where does America's 3rd-world violence come from?

Conservative Review

We have so many problems with violence in our country. Why is it too much to ask that we make it a priority not to import the violence of other countries?

“Body count blamed on MS-13 violence grows in NYC suburbs” is the headline.

The term “body count” is something we usually read in a story about Juarez or Kabul. Yet that is the headline of an AP article over the weekend describing the growing problem of MS-13 violence in Long Island, a once peaceful and prosperous suburb.

Although it’s hard to tell for sure because the AP tends to view illegal aliens as citizens, the story appears to refer to illegal alien children slain by MS-13.

Angel Soler's mother brought him to the U.S. as a young boy, figuring things would surely be better than in Honduras, where he had lived in one of the world's most violent cities. Javier Castillo's father made the same calculation when he took his young son out of gang-plagued El Salvador.

A profound irony is lost on the AP and other advocates of open borders and the vicious cycle of amnesty. It is this endless cycle of amnesty and lawlessness they advocate that has turned our country into the very third world, like Honduras, that many immigrants, both legal and illegal, would like to escape. You do nobody any favors by making America like the countries of origin of illegal immigrants. And if the political elites have no desire to focus on enforcement, security, and sovereignty for the benefit of the American people, won’t they at least recognize the urgency of this issue on behalf of immigrant victims, particularly illegal immigrants?

But no. Not only has this administration not made it a priority to eradicate criminal aliens from this country, the president appears already to have caved on the next amnesty. The American people, evidently, have no right to security from illegal aliens, yet illegal aliens are “owed” amnesty, in the estimation of Trump’s nominee DHS Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen.

What’s worse, Axios now reports that Trump has essentially telegraphed to the Left that amnesty is a given. He has no stomach to stop Obama’s illegal amnesty, but still wants limits on chain migration. The joke is, as we noted in September, once you let the cat out of the bag that amnesty for illegals is the imperative, while the protection of Americans first is the elective, we will get the amnesty and not the security and broader reforms.

Why should deporting the hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens before we even touch amnesty be a partisan issue? Shouldn’t we all desire such an outcome, especially at a time when we are wringing our hands as a nation over our domestic violence problems? Criminal aliens, unlike Americans, can simply be deported. Yet the courts are now blocking the deportation of so many illegals, including criminal aliens, unless they have already committed very serious crimes. And even some rapists and murderers are being granted judicial amnesty. Just last week, a George W. Bush-appointed district judge from Washington state nullified 200 years of case law and granted due process rights to illegal aliens to stymie deportations. He said that executive policy DACA is the law and that Trump can’t cancel the status even for criminal aliens without his permission.

It is apparent that our sovereignty and security count for nothing at all with the political class, including the president.

Where is Congress? Why no action on the diversity visa lottery following the terrorist attack by a winner of that lottery? Instead, GOP leaders are working overtime to find a “DACA fix,” not a criminal alien or jihadist immigration fix.

The sad reality is that the only way illegal immigration or dangerous legal immigration to this country will likely end is when America becomes like the immigrants’ home countries and there is no longer reason to come here. Sadly, we are well on our way to that outcome.

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