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Boy Scouts come out as gender-confused. Now accepting girls

Conservative Review

Any pretense the Boy Scouts of America had to being “Boy” scouts ended Wednesday, when the organization announced it will allow girls to join.

This is the first time in the history of the organization girls will be allowed to join since last January, when it declared transgendered boys (confused girls who think they’re boys) were allowed. In other words, the Scouts of America (you can’t really call them “Boy” Scouts anymore) made the decision to let girls in months ago and only now have officially fallen off the slippery slope.

But hey! At least they waited for #NationalComingOutDay to let everyone know the word “Boy” doesn’t mean what we think it means. This is all just illogical leftist feel-goodism, as CRTV host Michelle Malkin pointed out on Twitter.

Malkin previewed the new line of social justice merit badges we can all doubtlessly expect to see any day now.

Very funny, but I, for one, am quite upset at the sexist jerks running the Boy Scouts. You see, today also happens to be international #DayoftheGirl. It’s typical of the chauvinists over at the Boy Scouts to go ahead and use this day to make the Girl Scouts of the USA completely irrelevant.

They’re so convinced that girls can’t run their own organization they’ve decided to do it for them.

What pigs.

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