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Breaking: Another one million immigrants admitted in 2014

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It’s better late than never.  The Department of Homeland Security finally released the immigration numbers for 2014.  They still have not released the entire Yearbook of Immigration Statistics that includes naturalization numbers, but they posted the annual topline numbers on green cards admitted.  Here are the highlights:

  • A total of 1,016,518 immigrants were granted green cards in 2014, continuing the pattern of one million new legal permanent residents (LPRs) every year.
  • Once again, Mexico was the top sending country, topping out at 134,000, far ahead of any other country.  Remember, these are legal immigrants, so when the open borders lobby excuses illegal immigration from Mexico on account of not having enough legal immigration, this report demonstrates it’s a complete fiction.
  • Far from having a diverse pool of immigrants, 42.3% of all immigrants come from just six countries: Mexico, India, China, Philippines, Cuba, and Dominican Republic (in order of rank).
  • Among the top 20 countries, only the United Kingdom, which ranks 19 among countries sending immigrants to the United States, is a European nation.
  • Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria are all nations with predominantly Muslim populations that rank among the top 20 sending countries.
  • Just 15% of the entire pool of immigration is comprised of employment-based visas.  Not that everything is working well on the employment side, but at least it is advertised as somewhat skills based.  The other 85% is either family-based, chain migration, or refugee and similar categories.
  • Almost 20% of those receiving green cards in 2014 reside in California.  Roughly 60% reside in one of the following five states: California, New York, Florida, Texas, and New Jersey.  At this pace, it will be hard for Republicans to remain competitive in Florida.  And Texas will continue its slow march to becoming a purple state.

When my book, "Stolen Sovereignty," is released I plan to delve into these numbers in greater detail.  Taken as a whole, we have never brought in this many immigrants for such a sustained period of time nor have we ever tilted our immigration system to the third world for so many decades during any other time of our history.  Numbers matter, and there are long-term consequences to these policies.  Republicans will learn that the hard way.

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