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“Conservatives” cheering the loss of Tim Huelskamp have lost it

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“Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No questions, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” ~ Animal Farm

Most revolutions not rooted in morally clear principles wind up coming full circle and repudiating their own originally stated goals. There are disturbing trends emerging from certain corners of the conservative movement that, if not tempered by reason and fact, will undermine the entire rationale for the Trump revolution, the ability to win in November, and the entire purpose of seeking power in the first place.

…why in the world would any “anti-establishment” figure cheer a devastating and ominous victory for the very elites they are seeking to fight?

Everyone on the Right shares the goal of defeating Hillary Clinton. In fact, if Donald Trump himself would actually maintain such a focus and use the plethora of low-hanging fruit to hit her with, he’d likely be on his way to the Oval Office instead of losing badly in the polls. Different individual conservatives might harbor divergent levels of enthusiasm for the GOP nominee, but one thing we must all agree on is that we should never change our deeply held and just convictions to purport with this nominee, an ideal that held true through the past 28 years of non-conservative nominees.

Unfortunately, and very disturbingly, some have changed their views to such an extent in order to myopically placate the cult of Trump that they are now publicly cheering the defeat of a rock-ribbed conservative like Tim Huelskamp because he backed Sen. Ted Cruz over Trump in the primary. Rush Limbaugh even suggested today that he lost because he was supposedly “Never Trump.” Putting aside the fact that Huelskamp wasn’t “Never Trump” and that his opponent, Roger Marshall, only backed Trump because he is an obsequious party hack – the same way he will be a yes-man for House Speaker Paul Ryan, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and K Street – why in the world would any “anti-establishment” figure cheer a devastating and ominous victory for the very elites they are seeking to fight?

Marshall was backed by the open border, globalist, and lobbyist driven cartel of Big Ag and the Chamber of Commerce, allies of Paul Ryan and John Boehner. Which as we’ve noted many times, demonstrates the strength of the establishment globalist elites despite the widely held hope and belief that the Trump Revolution, while not purely conservative in nature, would at least vanquish the status quo. 

So much for that. Now much of the Trump revolution has fused with the existing establishment to the point that a man like Tim Huelskamp has no place in the party.

I’ve heard some people suggest that Huelskamp lost because he was a conservative and not a [progressive] populist like Trump, but the reality is that his opponent was backed by Big Ag, which is one of the more pro-globalist, pro-open borders lobby around. 

Huelskamp was the first member to publicly call for the defeat of former House Speaker John Boehner, who is basking in the glow of his defeat. Here is an excerpt from Huelskamp’s member profile – long before the rise of Trump or any conservative infighting:

Huelskamp led the opposition to John Boehner’s speakership in 2013 and received a standing ovation for suggesting at a national tea party event that we replace GOP leadership: “Isn't it high time we retire John Boehner's biggest excuse, we only control one half of one third of the government.” (Breitbart)

Because of his penchant to fight for conservative principles, Huelskamp was removed by leadership from the Budget and Agriculture committees in late 2012 (Roll Call). This was the second time in his legislative career this has happened to Huelskamp.

Despite representing one of the most rural districts in the country, Huelskamp was one of only 12 Republicans to vote against the bloated July 2013 farm bill.

In addition to his work on fiscal issues, Huelskamp has been one of the most vocal social conservatives, fighting to defend marriage and religious liberty. Huelskamp is also a vocal opponent of common core and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Tim Huelskamp has no place in the Republican Party, but special interests like the LGBTQFU#$%^# sexual identity cartel is now pandered to. 

Clowns like Roger Marshall run as social conservatives in order to win and once elected refuse to stand up or even speak on marriage and religious liberty issues. Huelskamp was one of the few members who consistently pushed legislation and amendments at every turn to confront the cultural Marxists.

The same applies to fiscal issues and limited government. A vast majority of Republicans run by lying to the voters with trite platitudes about an overbearing federal government and too much debt, yet when it comes to the actual processes, policies, and leverage points that have engendered this crisis, these same Republicans are part of the problem. Not so, Tim Huelskamp.

The reason why we never limit government is because Republican members join with Democrats in ideological logrolling to grow the dependency of each other’s constituencies. This results in the greatest common factor of government intervention, which self-perpetuates indefinitely. The only way conservatives will ever limit government is to elect more people like Huelskamp who will tell the special interests in their respective districts that we support opportunity for all but favoritism for nobody; that we will not overly tax or regulate you, but we will not subsidize you with Stalinist price fixing and “5-year plans” at the federal level; that we will devolve power and funds back to the states to better deal with local issues; that a centralized government big enough to give you everything is indeed a government big enough to take everything from you. 

Huelskamp could have easily taken the wide road and promoted other aspects of conservatism while continuing to support the special interest gravy train and ingratiate himself to local special interests –the same as almost all Republicans. Yet, he chose the tougher, narrow path – the only path that will deliver us from this failed system and break the back of those dreaded globalist special interests.

This is not just about Tim Huelskamp. This is about every other conservative who wants to buck the progressives and special interests within the party. K Street knows that they can intimidate each member into voting for bigger government when it affects their district in the short run and continue the failed cycle of the political oligarchy. They know they can outspend conservatives and lie about their records and promote their candidates as “outsiders.”

We should remember that there is no greater outsider than one who spends years in Congress like a statesman bucking the powers that be – with no personal gain and everything to lose. Likewise, there is no greater insider than one who never stepped foot in Congress, yet is already owned by every lobby on K Street and corrosive leadership figure at the top of the food chain. Are we to now suggest that Rep. Louie Gohmert is an insider because he has been in Congress for 12 years and supported Sen. Ted Cruz? The establishment came for him this cycle, and will undoubtedly be back next time.

Those who understand Donald Trump best should fully appreciate that he will need strong principled conservatives in Congress to buck the leadership, especially given that they are more emboldened than ever. Yet, if conservatives are now going to toss people like this and his allies overboard just to satiate the quid pro quo of Trump, we would have betrayed the very principles that led to this moment to begin with. And a party with no conscience is a party not worth fighting for.

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