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Crystal ball predictions, 2019

Conservative Review

Each year, I like to go on the record with my top 10 predictions for what some of the big stories will be in the new year. You can click here to go back and read what predictions I made twelve months ago for 2018. 

1. “Avengers: Endgame” out-duels “Star Wars: Episode IX” as the top grossing movie at the box office.

Only once has a “Star Wars” saga episode not finished as the highest-grossing film of the year (“Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones” in 2002). But I think a combination of three factors is why it will happen again: 1) A segment of the Star Wars fan base grows increasingly disillusioned with Disney’s handling of the franchise; 2) Next year’s holiday release schedule is packed with powerhouses; 3) The uniqueness of Avengers: Endgame, culminating the much-celebrated Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2. John Kasich will announce a primary challenge to President Trump.

This will be the best political news Trump gets all year. While it’s been true since the advent of the two-party system that sitting presidents who are primaried always lose re-election, this is the first time one will be primaried from the opposite direction of his base. In all the other cases, Republican or Democrat, the sitting president was primaried for abandoning his base. In this case, Kasich is primarying Trump because he represents the GOP base. Kasich’s challenge will force Trump to stay loyal to that base.

3. In a rematch of the regular season’s most epic game, the Kansas City Chiefs will beat the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl.

Last November’s Monday night game between these two was perhaps the greatest regular-season spectacle in recent memory. The sequel in the Super Bowl will be memorable, too, except this time the Chiefs win and come away with their first title in 48 years.

4. The only major piece of bipartisan legislation passed will be regulation of social media platforms.

Both political parties have different aims here, obviously, but coinciding motivations: mainly, the desire to rein in what is and isn’t permitted/banned on social media platforms prior to what promises to be a contentious and divisive 2020 election. Democrats will want to set the precedent that government can control content on the internet for future use. Republicans will seek to stop the increasing progressive censorship of the social media giants.

5. Relations with China will grow frostier; the nation will forge an unprecedented pact with North Korea and Russia, as well as announce that it intends to beat us to a manned mission to Mars.

The prediction itself pretty much says it all. This will be part of an overall attempt by China to further assert itself geopolitically, at a time when there will be high domestic turmoil tearing us further apart here.

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