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Democrat with unhinged history says no to honoring Dallas fallen

Conservative Review

Last week the Dallas community commemorated the one-year anniversary of the murder of five Dallas police officers in the line of duty. The Dallas County Commissioners Court took up what was supposed to be a unifying vote to honor those fallen officers, but in Dallas, nothing is unifying when Commissioner John Wiley Price gets involved. Price not only abstained from the vote, but decided he needed to tell the world why.

According to Fox 4 in Dallas:

Commissioner John Wiley Price disagreed with the reason for the resolution, arguing that law enforcement should not be honored unless all are remembered.

"I think it's interesting in this country how you again try to frame the narrative with regards to other people who've lost their life at the hands of law enforcement," Price said. "No life is more important than any other life."

Price continued to argue with his fellow commissioners about the motion, which he called “direct” and not focused on all lives lost.

Price is a polarizing figure in Dallas who says so many outrageous and racist things that the Dallas Morning News has compiled a montage of his “memorable moments.”

The video highlights Price, who is black, saying that someone’s opinion doesn’t matter because the person is “white.” Later in the same video he is seen demeaning a female colleague by calling her “honey boo boo.”

Price also sees racism – when he himself isn’t practicing it, as in the above video – around every corner. When Dallas county commissioners were taking up a routine traffic ticket processing matter, a white commissioner mentioned the ticket processing office was like “a black hole.” Price immediately took offense, saying the term was racist and saying it was a “white hole.” His colleague tried to explain that “black hole” is a figure of speech, regarding a scientific phenomenon, and not racist. Price also thinks “devil’s food cake” and “black sheep” are racist.

In April 2017, Price was acquitted on seven of 11 counts in a Federal corruption trial. The jury deadlocked on the four other counts and a mistrial was declared on them. Prosecutors have declined to retry Price on those four counts.

Much is often said about the division in the United States of America. The media constantly lays the blame at the feet of “bigoted” conservatives. Price is merely one example that disproves the media’s tired, warped narrative.

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