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Gaza, borders, and the left-wing war on sovereign nations

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At least Democrats cannot be accused of hypocrisy when it comes to sovereign borders. They despise Israel’s sovereignty and its desire to protect its people as much as they do our own sovereignty and the security of our ow people. However, it is absolutely remarkable how Democrats and their cohorts in the media are more sympathetic to Hamas than almost all of the Sunni Arab governments in the region and how they have changed so quickly in one generation.

Democrats used to support Israel – less than a generation ago   

On October 24, 1995, every Senate Democrat except for Robert Byrd voted for the Jerusalem Embassy Act, a bill that officially recognized Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel and provide funding for moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv. Almost every Democrat supported it in the House, including Nancy Pelosi.

Today, Chuck Schumer is the only Democrat supporting that position. Numerous other prominent Democrat politicians and their allies in the media are attacking the Israelis for defending their sovereignty from the Hamas invasion fomented in response to the embassy move. The idea that Chuck Schumer would become the right-hand goalpost of the Democrat Party is something none of us envisioned just a generation ago, but that is just how extreme and immoral the political compass of the Left has become.

After Iran was humiliated by Israel in Syria last week, it is now turning to Hamas, its proxy, to defeat Israel in the media because it can’t hurt Israel on the battlefield. Nobody explained the dynamic on the ground better than UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, following the reaction from the U.N.:

"In recent days, multiple news organizations have documented the Hamas incitement in Gaza. They have documented the Hamas maps and social media which show the fastest routes to reach Israeli communities in case demonstrators make it through the security fence. They have reported on Hamas messages over loudspeakers that urge demonstrators to burst through the fence, falsely claiming Israeli soldiers were fleeing, when in fact, they were not," Haley said.

"Hamas has attacked the Kerem Shalom Crossing, the biggest entry point in Gaza, for fuel, food and medical supplies. This is how determined they are to make the lives of the Palestinian people miserable."

Yet the American Left is taking the side of Hamas. Former CIA Director John Brennan accused Trump and Netanyahu of disregarding the Palestinian “homeland.” Patrick Leahy, who voted for the 1995 bill, condemned Trump for following that very law and called Israel’s defense of its sovereignty “deplorable.” Even Dianne Feinstein, who also voted for the embassy move and who is regarded as “too conservative” by many in the party, condemned the move and refused to recognize Israel’s security problems.

The truth about Gaza

The irony of the left-wing assault on Israel’s right to control its border is that Israel was originally supposed to own Gaza but gave it up under the most painful circumstances.

Gaza, like most of the rest of the holy land, was a no man’s land under control of the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century. There never was an Arab Palestinian state in the Holy Land, and all the land west of the Jordan River, including Gaza, was originally earmarked for the Jewish state under the Balfour Declaration exactly 100 years ago. That plan was adopted by the Allied powers and the League of Nations in 1920 and 1922. On Sept. 21, 1922, President Warren Harding signed H. J. Res. 322, which formally adopted the Mandate for Palestine as official U.S. policy.

The committee report from the House Foreign Affairs Committee in 1922 recognized the fact that the land had become desolate, and ironically, the committee laid the blame at the feet of the “deplorable” Ottoman Turks. They observed that the Jews were already rehabilitating the conditions of the people living there from the “wanton and deplorable policy of desolation systemically carried out by its rulers, the Turks, for centuries.” Observed the report: “What was once the land of milk and honey, has become, through misrule and oppression, a devastated and sparsely settled land.”

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