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Glenn Beck refuses to bend to screeching media demands

Conservative Review

Battle lines are being drawn in the media following President Trump’s Tuesday press conference, in which he doubled down on his assertion that both sides, white nationalists and Antifa, were to blame for Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville.

The only option given by the media is to fully condemn Trump, place 100 percent of the blame on the white nationalist Alt-“Right,” and absolve left-wing Antifa radicals of any wrongdoing. If you agree that Trump mishandled his press statement by saying there were “fine people” on both sides among the neo-Nazis and anarchists, but also believe that there were bad actors on both sides contributing to violence, you are labeled a Nazi.

The media leaves no middle ground. And Glenn Beck can’t take it any more, as he explained in a tweetstorm Tuesday night.

Enough with this binary choice between Alt-“Right” and Antifa. Conservatives need to speak the truth about the evils of both extremes. Failing to do so plays into the hands of the worst on both sides and divides this country further.

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