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The GOP of the future? More like the GOP of never again

Conservative Review

Almost two dozen Republican members of the House have taken their names out of the running for 2020. They have their reasons, from the whines of, “It’s hard being in the minority, waah,” to simply keeping a promise that they would enforce their own personal term limits.

But one stands out as a shining example of what Republican voters should never do to the nation again.

Congressman Will Hurd of Texas has positioned himself as the minority Republican who has denounced President Trump for racism, making him a darling of the Left. Politico absolutely adores him, calling him “the future of the GOP.” He’s a nominal Republican in a Texas district being overrun with illegal immigrants, and so when he said he was not running for re-election in 2020, the Republican brain trust was alarmed. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy said, “That’s a tough seat. Will Hurd is an exceptional person.”

The exceptional Mr. Hurd sits on the Impeachment Committee, oops, I mean Intelligence Committee, where he spent his time glorifying Yovanovitch.

The more people like Will Hurd Republicans try to recruit, the more the party becomes as useless as wet bread.

Yet the Republican establishment will continue to find nominal Republicans for roles such as Hurd’s, complaining that a swing district just has no room for a Republican who doesn’t play the race card or who stands up to the Left against its lies about the president and his voters.

But contrary to the fake news site Politico, Hurd is a perfect example of the GOP not of the future, but of yesteryear. Even better, let’s make him the GOP of never again.

Remember the Republican Party Growth & Opportunity Report of 2013? An entire publication that reprimanded Republican voters for ignoring a person’s race? The publication scolded R voters for not seeing that America “looks different” than they do, implying that we’re all a bunch of white racists who need to embrace amnesty and open borders. The publication came on the heels of the establishment Republicans who tried to foist on us Mitt Romney, another mealy-mouthed nominal Republican who, despite mountains of material with which to destroy Obama’s political future, called him a nice guy and lost.

That Republican report was the road map on how to actually kill the future of the GOP. Trump upended it, not by calling for racial division, but by treating everyone the same.

Trump has been treating people equally, but nominal Republicans like Will Hurd see racism exactly as the Left does. And though Hurd will leave politics next year, he is entertaining a run for the presidency in 2024, but it will be a waste of time.

The thing is, the Republican Party has become larger through Trump, with a strong anti-establishment, anti-mealy-mouthed, anti-racialist, anti-sissypants streak. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party has become completely anti-American.

So there is no room for the Hurds any more, because the Republican brain trust has tried identity politics, and it was rejected strongly by the voters. The real “Growth & Opportunity Project” actually happened when President Trump ignored the advice in that racialist report and instead addressed the big problems people could see, none of which had to do with the color of skin.

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