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A high-ranking Democrat was reportedly in a two-year 'throuple' relationship with an employee. Will her party care?

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The following is an excerpt from Blaze Media’s daily Capitol Hill Brief email newsletter:

A top Democrat on an influential House committee has reportedly been a part of a polyamorous long-term “throuple” including her estranged husband and a female campaign staffer.

According to a report published at RedState on Friday evening, California Democratic congresswoman and vice chair of the House Oversight Committee Katie Hill first hired the staffer in 2017, and she became involved with Hill and her husband soon after. The three even took vacations together. Hill broke things off with the two earlier this year after moving to Washington. There have also been reports that the congresswoman is romantically involved with a male congressional staffer, for whom she allegedly left her husband. Hill has yet to factually push back on the report.

The question is how Democratic leadership will react to this story. The story is about a sitting member of Congress with a position on a high-profile House committee currently engaged in investigating the president for impeachment. This is the kind of employer-employee relationship power dynamic that so many people criticized when the #MeToo movement started to make headlines two years ago. So, we’re all about to see if any of that matters to the powers that be or if this story will end up under the rug.

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