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Horowitz: Attack suspect, out of jail due to no-bail law, allegedly attacks again immediately

Horowitz: Attack suspect, out of jail due to no-bail law, allegedly attacks again immediately

Every day brings more stories of violent repeat offenders released from jail and going on to victimize more innocent people. Except these stories don’t have the weight of tear-jerking Super Bowl ads behind them like top drug traffickers do.

According to the New York Daily News, Arjun Tyler had nearly a dozen arrests on his rap sheet when he was arrested for forcibly touching a woman in 2018. He was held on $20,000 bail and remained in jail because he couldn’t come up with the money. Thanks to the new bail law, Tyler was released in December 2019, but went back to his criminal ways immediately. Cops tried to hold him again in connection with a robbery from 2018, but the Brooklyn district attorney’s office deferred prosecution.

A free man, Tyler allegedly returned to his criminal behavior last Monday. He’s accused of following a woman into a subway station bathroom, punching her repeatedly, and then taking off her leggings. The sexual assault was stopped thanks to the intervention of a homeless man who scared Tyler away. This terrible attack occurred in broad daylight. Police didn’t catch him until Friday, when cops found him allegedly stealing money from a laundromat.

Once in custody, in addition to the attempted rape charge, he was also charged with the 2018 robbery. He was also charged with trespassing and taking $1,100 from a cash register, both incidents alleged to have occurred in January, after he was released under the new bail law.

Ironically, even after all this, now that he qualifies for bail, he’s only being held on $75,000. Thus, even those who commit crimes that are so egregious they qualify for bail, the amount will often be set low, despite such a horrific criminal record. This is an epidemic throughout the country.

Now, thanks to the disclosure provisions of the “bail reform” laws, Tyler will have access to all of the personal information of the victim and the good Samaritan immediately. This part of the law will make it much tougher for prosecutors to land convictions because witnesses and even victims will be reluctant to testify knowing that the suspect will be on the loose with their contact information and whereabouts at their disposal.

Subway crimes are surging, with New York’s transit beginning to look a lot like it was before Mayor Giuliani cleaned up crime. Police are looking for a suspect accused of stabbing someone in the suspect at a Bronx subway yesterday.

Criminals are brazen about their crimes because they know they face no reprisal. Video obtained by the New York Post over the weekend shows Dana White, of Jamaica, Queens, violently wrestling to the ground a cane-using 83-year-old woman and stealing her purse. According to the Post, “White has at least 14 previous arrests, including at least 6 robbery charges and charges for criminal possession of a weapon, trespassing, and assault.” He was on parole from a previous burglary when he was arrested for this assault and robbery. Yet he was still released!

President Trump has a golden opportunity to draw a bold contrast to people like Bernie Sanders in the upcoming election on the issue of criminal justice. Rather than running ads trying to out-left the Democrats on prison release, how about running ads hitting them over the head for creating millions of innocent victims through their unjustified jailbreak policies?

As Trump wrote in his book, “The America We Deserve,” “The next time you hear someone saying there are too many people in prison, ask them how many thugs they’re willing to relocate to their neighborhood. The answer: None.”

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