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Where is the Left's outrage at these violent UC Berkeley riots?

Conservative Review

Violent riots broke out Wednesday night at the University of California, Berkeley. The university’s chapter of College Republicans invited the provocative Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus.

In response, 1,500 “protesters” gathered to shut down the event including members of an anarchist group known as the “Black Bloc.” Rioters in black threw commercial-grade fireworks and rocks at police. Molotov cocktails ignited fires. The windows of the student union center were smashed. And at least six people were injured, according to CNN.

Scenes from the riot (this was a riot, not a protest, stop calling it a protest) were captured in picture and video and shared on social media.

The rioters were chanting “shut it down” as they broke through barricades set up for people’s safety.

Ian Miles Cheong, a journalist for Heat Steet, catalogued events as they unfolded.

And then violence.

And the aftermath.

The university administration released a statement condemning the violence in “the strongest possible terms,” regretting the “unlawful actions of a few.” No arrests were made throughout the night.

The Berkeley College Republicans released a statement blasting the rioters.

“It is tragic that the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement is also its final resting place.” The death of free speech. Violence. According to the rioters, “this is what community looks like.”

Community cannot look like this. You cannot have community with people who do not respect the right to free speech. You cannot live with those who set fire to property. These are crimes because they upset the fabric of civil society.

President Trump seems to understand this. He threatened to revoke federal funding for UC Berkeley in response to the behavior exhibited by some of its students.

Of course some people didn’t like that, not one bit.

No. That is exactly wrong. Civilization ends when people become so intolerant and evil that they smash windows, light things on fire, and brutally beat people they disagree with because a man who says mean things was invited to speak at a college campus in a country where the right to speak freely is supposed to be protected by the government.

And where is the outrage from the Left? Does Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif. have anything to say about the violence in her state? Would Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. (F, 0%) care to offer a condemnation of the fire-starters? Of the crowds that beat people?

All the handwringing over the “fascist” President Donald Trump, yet not one member of Trump’s government has started a fire. Not one person has been beaten for having a dissenting political opinion. Not one leftist critic of the Trump administration has been silenced or put into political prison.

Do you think for one second that would be true if the left-wing thugs who rioted last night were given power?

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