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Why I’m ready for Romney and you should be, too

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Republicans love nothing more than their myths.

The myth that Republicans constantly betray conservatives because they're "the stupid party," not because they're lying to us. The myth that the wording of the party platform matters to 99 percent of elected Republicans in Washington, who likely haven't ever read it. The myth they're the pro-life party despite being Planned Parenthood's benevolent benefactor. And so on and so forth.

One of the more popular myths circulating among Republicans these days is that Donald Trump is the source of the party's problems, when in reality the exact opposite is true. The rise of Trump was the result of the party's problems.

And arriving on the scene to clarify this once and for all is Mitt Romney, who's about to become the next U.S. senator from Utah.

Because, frankly, he's got nothing better to do.

Of course, Romney and clarification don't typically run in the same political circles. As John McCain once said to Romney, referring to his documented penchant for feeling passionately about both sides of every issue: "You are the candidate of change."

When running for statewide office in Massachusetts, Romney was anti-Reagan. When running for president in 2008, he was the next Reagan. When running for president again in 2012, he enthusiastically accepted Trump's endorsement. Only to turn around four years later and call Trump a "danger to democracy" in 2016.

Romney may be an admirable American Gothic painting in his private life, but politically, even one of his most trusted advisers once infamously described him as an "Etch A Sketch." Since sentencing the country to four more years of Barack Obama, Romney has evolved once more, as he's prone to do, becoming the archbishop of the Pearl-Clutching Pre-emptive Surrender Caucus — or Fake Right for short.

Its members are otherwise known as the "conservatives" who will do nothing to push back against the Left's intrusions into societal norms and usurpations against our Constitution, all the while criticizing your attempts to do so for not being nice enough.

Romney's post-2012 media appearances and social media postings are like an homage to the virtue-signaling that is the trademark of the Fake Right. How can you tell if someone is a member of the Fake Right? By their fruit you will know them:

  • Do they spend more time attacking conservatives and conservative principles from the left than they do attacking the actual Left? For example, Romney has said or done nothing to protest unprecedented Leftist attacks on religious freedom in recent years. But he supported the Republican governor of Arizona vetoing attempts to protect religious freedom in her state.
  • Do they constantly urge Republicans to cave on issues? Like when Romney urged Republicans to "swallow hard" (pun not intended I'm sure) and sell out on amnesty — four years ago.

And all of this is why I'm ready for Romney to be in the U.S. Senate, and if you're sick of the Alt-Right and Fake Right, you should be, too.

See, once Romney is in elective office, posturing and positioning are over. The time for going on the record is at hand. Romney will actually have to take definitive positions on issues, by voting on the record, thus providing our movement with the clarity we need.

Romney will either acquiesce to President Trump, as most others have, which will out his virtue-signaling cult as complete frauds when they likely don't crush him for it. It will show that they weren't #NeverTrump for any real moral objection, but because they were no longer in control of the party. And now that their guy, Romney, is on Trump's good side, then Trump will suddenly be acceptable to them.

Or Romney, for once in his political life, will maintain a consistent standard and lead the intra-party opposition to Trump. That would cause a civil war that will split the GOP wide open, as the cult of Romney battles the Trump Cult to the death for control of the party.

Each potential outcome will be glorious. And if you've followed Romney's political career, you know that either path is possible. Heck, he's likely to try them both.

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