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Jim DeMint's new conservative group is exactly what we need

Conservative Review

The Republican Party’s total betrayal on Obamacare repeal has taught every conservative voter that the entrenched D.C. establishment in control of the party cannot be trusted to keep their own promises. They certainly can’t be trusted to abide by the conservative principles they’ve campaigned on.

Seven years of campaign pledges to repeal Obamacare. Three elections since 2010, in which every Republican running claimed to be some form of conservative, claimed to support smaller government, claimed to want to empower Americans with liberty by removing the oppressive hand of government from involvement in their daily lives.

But even with the election of the anti-establishment President Donald Trump, Republican promises remain unkept, and the D.C. swamp has grown and festered.

The true conservatives in Congress are few and far between. They are outgunned. The members of Congress who have tried to keep their promises have been ostracized by the progressive purists in the party who demand a bigger role for government, who refuse to abide by the principles they campaign on. There is immense pressure on conservative holdouts like Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Mike Lee, R-Utah, to buckle, abandon their principles, and vote for a faux-repeal bill that amounts to a bailout for insurance companies.

That’s why former Heritage Foundation president and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint is launching a new conservative group to be a “support structure” for conservatives in Washington, D.C., helping them stick to their principles and “avoid being consumed by the D.C. swamp.”

The Conservative Partnership Institute will educate the public and members of the conservative movement on the inner workings of Washington, D.C. Its goal is to help conservative members of Congress stand up to the Washington establishment in an environment that is hostile and resilient to conservative change.

“Since the Tea Party arose, conservatives have shown they can get new leaders elected to Congress and important organizations now exist to hold politicians accountable when they go astray from constitutional principles,” DeMint writes in an op-ed for The Federalist. “However, being a conservative, especially a conservative in Washington, can be a tough and lonely road. It’s not enough to know the right solutions. If conservatives don’t have the knowledge, strategies, and allies to succeed, this town will beat you down until you give in.”

Fundraising and party loyalty, not conservative policy, is the focus of the entrenched D.C. establishment, DeMint says. Conservatives who refuse to play the game are kicked off committees, targeted by party leadership, and challenged by establishment-backed candidates in primaries. It’s one thing for a conservative to have a genuine policy disagreement with colleagues who may not share his principles. It’s entirely another matter to be character-assassinated and targeted for destruction by members of a ruling class who tell you, the voters, they are on your side while stabbing you in the back.

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