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John Kasich thinks gender is a tricky issue

John Kasich would like you to know that he will promote the worst elements of #NewYorkValues should he become president.  Fortunately, his chances of making it to the White House are as slim as his chances of winning more than 250 delegates in the primary.  However, his continued presence in this race as a stealth “fresh face” is preventing conservatives from uniting the party.  

Unlike Democrats running for office who adhere dogmatically to their party’s platform, most Republican candidates eschew key elements of the GOP platform.  But if we were to create a litmus test – a line in the sand – perhaps we could start with the basic understanding that a man is a man and a woman is a woman.  Yet, John Kasich has no problem with the far-left’s war on science and its insatiable campaign to allow men in female bathrooms.

Amidst a sea of feckless GOP leaders across state capitols and in Washington, North Carolina Republicans actually took a stand for sanity by prohibiting men from entering female bathrooms.  The North Carolina bill (HB2), which passed in a special session of the legislature, was crafted in response to an ordinance passed by the Charlotte city council that mandated all public and private bathrooms be open to both genders. The ordinance was pushed by a convicted child molester.  Kudos to North Carolina Republicans, who are blessed with some of the best conservative grassroots organizers in the nation, for taking a strong stand on what used to be simple science for anyone playing with a full deck.

On Saturday, Kasich said he would not have signed that law:

‘I believe that religious institutions ought to be protected and be able to be in a position of where they can live out their deeply held religious purposes,’ Kasich said in an interview for Sunday's episode of CBS's ‘Face the Nation.’ ‘But when you get beyond that, it gets to be a tricky issue. And tricky is not the right word, but it can become a contentious issue.’

‘In our state, we're not facing this, so everybody needs to take a deep breath, respect one another, and the minute we start trying to write laws, things become more polarized, things - they become more complicated,’ he continued. ‘Obviously I don't want to force people to violate their deeply held religious convictions, but we'd have to see what that's all about. I wouldn't have signed that law from everything I know; I haven't studied it.’

Evidently, aside from deeply held religious convictions, there is no possible reason non-religious private institutions could have for denying male child molesters the right to enter female bathrooms.  You see, for John Kasich gender is “a tricky issue” and can become “complicated.”  In his estimation, it was North Carolina Republicans who were being polarizing, not the lunatic sexual identity movement.  He wants us to “get over” the transgender agenda.

The way Kasich expressed his opposition to the bathroom bill is even worse than the opposition itself because it reflects everything that is wrong with elite GOP politicians.  Democrats have successfully shifted the whole political spectrum over the course of just one generation precisely because of Republicans like Kasich. No matter how radical the agenda item being pushed on any given day, Republicans like Kasich refuse to categorically oppose them and speak to the common sense of the American people.  Instead, they accept the Democrats’ premise as mainstream and treat an issue as simple as separate-gender bathrooms and showers as polarizing.

Last year, an effort to allow transgender bathrooms in Houston was defeated 61-38 in a ballot referendum, despite an extremely liberal electorate and ubiquitous support from Hollywood.  But Kasich would rather side with the fringe of the Democratic Party and pretend to be moderately conservative.  This is how John Kasich has grown to believe that man-made weather change is settled science, yet male and female biology is still up for debate.

And for all you Trump supporters out there who think Trump is a conservative, John Kasich has teamed up with him in Michiganechoed his attacks on Cruz regarding support for New York values, and is handing Trump states like Pennsylvania and Maryland on a silver platter.  Know a man by his friends.

We already have one Democratic Party.  We don’t need people like John Kasich to make the Democrats great again by parroting its worst behavior within the Republican Party.

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