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Journo melts down after Trump Jr. scoops him

Conservative Review

On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump Jr. published via Twitter the email chain between himself and a British promoter regarding the possibility of a Russian lawyer having information about Hillary Clinton. Shortly after Trump Jr. tweeted, the New York Times published a story on the emails. For one journalist, that wasn’t the main story. No, it was that he got scooped and wasted a year of his life.

Jared Yates Sexton, who according to his Twitter bio has written for the New York Times, Politico, and The New Republic, had a somewhat public meltdown over Trump Jr.’s tweet. Here, let him explain.

Later on in the day, he Carly Rae Jepsened his thoughts.

Woe is Jared. After all his hard work, someone just gave up the goods. Of course he thinks this proves Russian collusion. Which it doesn’t. Should it give people pause? Yep. Does it prove collusion? Nope.

The internet was not kind to poor Jared.

A Wall Street Journal reporter had some wise words for Sexton.

In addition to whining about being scooped, Sexton is writing a book: “The People are Going to Rise Like the Waters Upon Your Shore: A Story of American Rage.” Here’s what he highlights people are saying about it.

"Jared Yates Sexton ventured into the dark heart of American partisanship and emerged with a warning that all of us would do well to heed. Thoughtful, compassionate, and exceptionally brave,this book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how—and why—our country turned on itself." (Emphasis added)

- Bronwen Dickey

“Sexton’s reporting provides a unique nuts-and-bolts look at the campaigns, and his eyewitness reports of the aggressive displays at Trump rallies are both terrifying and fascinating.”

- Publisher's Weekly

Get that? He is “exceptionally brave” for writing about the “aggressive displays at Trump rallies.” Or, you know, the standard media fare about the campaign.

File under: Trump Jr. didn’t go to Jared.

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