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Judge Roy Moore: Man of the Year

Conservative Review

"The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few." —Jesus Christ

Manhood has become America's scarcest natural resource.

This is the age of the boy who can shave. Capable of making a baby, but incapable of not behaving like one. Who feel entitled while living in mom's basement rather than ashamed. So drunk on internet porn they have nothing left for a real woman, but that's okay because skinny jeans. This land of confusion produces too many males who on the one hand think being a douchtastic bully means you're an alpha, or whose perpetual Facebook status is "passive-aggressive" on the other.

You can always tell the state of a culture by the state of its men. Authentic manhood is dying in America, thus American Exceptionalism is dying with it.

That's why I'd like to introduce you to a rarity these days — a real man. In fact, though the calendar is barely into October, I think we can call the race for "Man of the Year" right now. And there's not even a close second.

His name is Judge Roy Moore.

During my time in politics I've met a lot of people I like, but few I've trusted. I've admired even less, but Judge Roy Moore is in that select company.

When God calls to account the men He appointed to be watchers on the wall over this era, though many of them will be found derelict in their duty I am confident Judge Roy Moore will hear the words every servant of the Lord longs to hear:

"Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Master."

In this day and age of men without chests, Judge Roy Moore is the archeological find that discovers a precious relic from antiquity. He doesn't calculate before doing the right thing, nor does he equivocate afterwards. Rather, he is steadfast in his courage of conviction and commitment to principle. The rate our culture's foundations are crumbling is further accelerating because of the loss of such men across our institutions and families, including our courts.

Judge Roy Moore and men like him are, quite simply, being hunted down for sport. Poached in public by progressive God-haters who are arrogant and silly enough to think that by silencing men like Judge Roy Moore they can silence the One who sent them. They are not punishing men like Judge Roy Moore who testify to the truth, but only themselves by rejecting the truth that sets us free.

It is a cruel, self-induced irony that one day in eternity some of them will sadly spend the rest of their existence wishing they had listened to men like Judge Roy Moore when they had the chance in this life.

Brave men like Judge Roy Moore love their enemies enough to stand up to them, rather than just leave people to die in their sins because conflict avoidance is all the rage these days. Many of those in the GOP country club and fake conservative movement have abandoned him, or worse stabbed him in the back during his trials. While Judge Roy Moore stormed the gates of Mordor, the beta males and know-it-alls who know only perpetual surrender scoffed, mocked, and undermined.

Twice now Judge Roy Moore has been removed from office for simply upholding his oath of office and the foundations of this country we claim to be conserving. Only to have conservatism turn its back on him. Much shame on us. As we speak many quarters of the church in America are obsessed with helping a lifelong moral reprobate — who has funded and supported our adversaries and their most morally repugnant ideas (and still does) — become the next President of the United States.

Meanwhile, Judge Roy Moore stands alone. Defrocked by an unelected tribunal for simply doing the will of the people who elected him the chief justice of the state of Alabama. Not to mention the will of the God he swore his oath of office to.

Except Judge Roy Moore is not really alone, but we are.

Alone with our cowardice. Alone with our compromises. Alone with our compartmentalizations. We know it too, which is why we seek to shun and silence men like Judge Roy Moore. For their authentic manhood convicts us of the lack of our own.

In exchange for such real moral conviction we convict men like Judge Roy Moore of fake crimes. In this case it was Judge Roy Moore telling Alabama probate judges to obey the state's actual duly-enacted marriage law, not edicts from the pagan imaginations of Supreme Court judges whom the Constitution makes clear cannot make law.

That was heresy, though, to the same kangaroo court that moved to take Judge Roy Moore off the bench completely back in 2003, after he defied their demands to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial building. In effect, the kangaroo court found that Moore was operating above the law. Which is hilariously sad, because that is exactly what the kangaroo is guilty of itself.

We are not citizens of a representative republic any longer. We are mere vassals of feudal lords of our own making. Judge Roy Moore took a stand for our freedom from such tyranny, but alas we are prone to stone the prophets and do away with those whom God has sent.

Let the record show that Judge Roy Moore has fought with unwavering vigor his entire professional life in the name of rescuing not only his profession from itself, but his country from the ravages of secular iconoclasm. How many other men have been unwilling to stand a post in the defense of liberty lest their lives of privilege and comfort be inconvenienced?

History is not changed and won by those who went along with the flawed and immoral paradigm of their day, but by those who did not. Judge Roy Moore is such a man. A man not just this culture is unworthy of, but this flaccid widget-selling industry masquerading as a conservative movement as well. For if we were capable of being the people he's asked us to be, he wouldn't have had to ask us in the first place.

Judge Roy Moore wasn't removed from his post last week as much as it was confirmed we have vacated ours. But to his credit, he went down swinging when too many of his peers were best known for pulling their punches.

He fought the good faith. He kept the faith. And he finished the race.

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