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At least we meant well?

Conservative Review

Like a thief in the night ... -- 1 Thessalonians 5:2

Sooner or later, we are all Julian Assange.

Perhaps we meant well. Our intentions were good. We were seeking justice, in some manner of speaking.

There are those who argue such things on behalf of Assange, and it is not without cause to at least pause and hear them out. Extreme measures must be taken at times to hold rogue governments in check, and history has proven one man’s villain is sometimes another man’s freedom fighter in such pursuits.

No doubt Assange and his partner in WikiLeaks’ breach of classified U.S. documents, Bradley Manning, consider themselves the latter. They repeatedly have reminded us of that, in fact. Yet now Assange stands indicted as a conspirator against the United States for allegedly agreeing to help Manning crack a Defense Department password in 2010.

For my part, I have long believed Assange to be a fiend and a corrupting influence on people who aren’t smart enough to realize you shouldn’t keep a scorpion for a pet. But he is also uncomfortably familiar in an existential way.

I see him in the legislator who constantly seeks moderation or pragmatism and thus never makes good on the promises he originally ran for office on.

I see him in the reporter who lectures us about the importance of the Fourth Estate in one breath and in the next weaponizes the Fourth Estate as an outright propaganda tool.

I see him in the pastor who preaches on God’s relentless love in the form of tolerance and diversity, but says nothing about God’s relentless justice when squared up against sin.

I see him in the parent who always sees the special snowflake in their child but never the East of Eden.

I see him in the college coaches taking bribes and ignoring criminal behavior because, hey, they are giving kids a chance at their dream.

I see Assange everywhere. Because we are all fiends.

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