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The Left’s ignorant slavery assumptions and race obsession

Conservative Review

How long can this go on?

If it wasn’t for my utter lack of interest in listening to absolute trash in daily politics, I might be half insane by now. It is exactly like what is offered on television these days. Stupid, base, brain-dead trash, which I refuse to acknowledge out of fear of losing precious IQ points.

For the last full month, the entire news cycle has been about race. First it was Kaepernick, then it was Omar and the crazy squad, then it was Cummings and Sharpton. It’s July 2019, and I just don’t see how this can be repeated for a year from now without all of America telling the Democrats to STFU already.

Donald Trump is not a racist, but the Democrats and their media are busy sending the message to those only partially paying attention that he is. And the worst kind of racist: He supposedly hates black people and Latino people and heck, anyone who isn’t as pasty-white as he is. And the proof they have of this is that he’s a white man who, like all the rest of the white men, hasn’t dealt with the original sin of this nation: slavery.

During the Kaepernick controversy with Nike and the Betsy Ross flag, it was typical to hear arguments on a news channel state as fact that this nation was built on slavery and that black people were counted as less than people because all of the Founders were racist slaveholders. It was claimed that white people still hate black people, as if it is the American way. The ridiculous lies on cable news all that week sent me reading the Records of the Federal Convention of 1787, so that I could check up on the truth: that the nation was not founded on slavery and that racism was not deeply embedded in our “unjust” founding.

The debates over our Constitution were filled with logic, thoughtful reflection, and historical examples. But they were also filled with dumb ideas that were fleshed out, bad prejudices that were exposed and disregarded, and at times, an all-too-positive opinion of human nature.

But taking the time to read helped determine unequivocally that the dummies on the Left continue to lie about the three-fifths clause. For the 7,098th time: The three-fifths clause codified in the Constitution that slaves were people. This is important, because at the time, some jerks thought they were nothing more than property like oxen and horses. The Founding actually cut those jerks their own noose.

There was much debate over representation. Most delegates saw that it had to be granted according to either population or property. But what was to be done while some actually still considered part of their population as property?

The debates exposed the illogical framework of some in the northern states who wished to diminish the influence and power of the southern states, which regarded black people as property. Delegates from the North thought that by not allowing the southern states to count black people for purposes of representation, the South would have fewer representatives in Congress and therefore less influence. However, that illogic meant the opposite of what many northerners believed, that slavery was wrong and that black people were like all mankind, created equal. If black people were not considered for purposes of representation, then they would be forever seen as property.

Ultimately, counting black people as three-fifths for purposes of representation would destroy the influence of slave-holding states, count them as human beings who would need representation, and set the path for the ultimate abolition of slavery. While the southern states  initially held more representation than was comfortable for the northern states, the northern states’ populations grew to eventually diminish the representation of the South.

The quick and ignorant have enough time and opportunity to spew their lies on the nation’s airwaves, while the thoughtful who read and understand the actual history have to rely on the less popular mode of reading and understanding.

If there is something to be upset about on the issue of race in this nation, it is that millions of people have been lied to in order to manipulate the most base parts of our nature, so that ignorance leads to anger, applauded by the divisive tactics of political piranhas.

The nation was not founded on slavery, nor did our Constitution debase human beings. How long can the Democrats continue to parry criticism of their politics and policies, and stab their fellow Americans, with accusations of racism?

It can only last as long as we allow it to. We Americans are Americans regardless of skin color. The only people bringing up race are the people using it to deflect from their policies that make it harder for the American spirit to thrive. Understanding that makes it clear that those bringing up racial division are focused on controlling the races they claim to stand for and squashing and controlling those of us who champion color-blindness, individualism, and freedom.

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