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Levin: The Alfie Evans tragedy is exactly what the Left would give us with government-run health care

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In light of the heartrending story of a toddler effectively condemned to death by the British government, LevinTV host Mark Levin questioned the so-called “compassion” of government health care on his national radio program Wednesday.

Levin began with an update on the parents of British toddler Alfie Evans. Alfie's parents lost yet another legal appeal Wednesday to take their gravely ill child to Italy for treatment. This comes after he was forcibly taken off life support earlier this week by doctors in the country’s government-run medical system.

“Parents dare to want to take their little baby to Italy for care against the wishes of his doctors and judges?” Levin asked incredulously. "Well who cares what his doctors and judges think if the parents think that there’s a chance that they can save their little baby?”

“Who do you think loves that baby the most?” Levin continued. “Who do you think wants to care for that baby the most? Judges? The doctors? No, the parents.”

Levin concluded that this is exactly the kind of thing that happens when people give the government control over their health care, and by extension, their liberty and their lives: “In the end, it’s a disaster.”

Editor's note: The title of this piece was edited for clarity.

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