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Levin broils the media for deliberately ‘finding racism where racism doesn’t exist’

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin lit into the ridiculous word-splicing that unfolded in the media after Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis used the phrase "monkey this up" to describe voting for Bernie Sanders-endorsed Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum's socialist policies.

Levin broiled the media, who also hit DeSantis for calling his opponent "articulate," suggesting it was a veiled racial slur.

"You could focus on the word 'monkey,' but now you need to focus on the word 'articulate,' you see, because that clearly is a racist word. ... I'll refer to [Gillum] as 'inarticulate.' Is that better?"


"So if there's a young man and he's articulate, and he happens to be African-American, you can't call him articulate?"

Levin reminded listeners that the media madness is not really about word choice and played a clip of former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele saying he had never heard of saying "monkey things up."

"Monkey things up? Monkey around? Same damn thing. Okay, so he should have said 'monkey around,' that would have satisfied you, Steele? No, then you would have gone to the word 'articulate' or the word 'successful.' People are finding racism where racism doesn't exist. They are doing it purposely. They are undermining the unity that people have in this country."

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