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Levin: Democrats who pushed this investigation 'should be held to account'

Conservative Review

Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin said that congressional Democrats should be held accountable now that the report from special counsel Robert Mueller has turned up no allegations of crimes committed by candidate or President Donald J. Trump.

Levin made the remarks after news broke late Friday that Mueller’s team would seek no further indictments. The report was sent to Attorney General William Barr. Sunday afternoon, a letter from the attorney general to Congress explained that the report found no evidence of collusion with the Kremlin.

“They should be held to account,” Levin said of the Democrats who pushed for the investigation, “rather than demanding more documents, demanding more hearings, demanding more testimony.”

“These people are undermining our country,” he continued. “They’re undermining faith in our country. They’re undermining our electoral system. They’re giving aid and comfort to our enemies overseas who sit back and love this.”

“These Soviet-style tactics must be wrapped around their heads,” Levin said of the actions taken by Democratic politicians leading up to and surrounding the investigation.

"[Chuck Schumer] wants the full report and all the original documents underlying the report. ... Who is this man to demand anything? A political hack from New York from day one. The minority leader of the United States Senate making demands. He demanded the special counsel in the first place. He got it. ... No, it’s our turn to make to make demands. ... The Democrat Party used opposition research to trigger this whole thing,” Levin said.


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