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Levin: Dems don't care 'who the mass killer is'; 'if it happens while Trump's president, it's on Trump'

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Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin upbraided the liberal media for rushing head-over-heels to blame the horrific mass shootings in Ohio and Texas over the weekend on their favorite target, President Trump.

"It doesn't matter who the mass killer is," Levin said. "It doesn't matter the facts and the circumstances. Not to the Democrat party media, no. If it happens while Trump's president, it's on Trump. It's on Trump. The inhumanity of this spectacle — the political and propaganda machine that we live with — it's appalling. But it's effective."

Levin pointed out that the media's push to ban all "assault weapons" makes no sense, since anything from fertilizer to a baseball bat can be used as a weapon of assault.

"So in the midst of enormous anxiety, the push is on: Propaganda. Endless lies in the media. I mean, would it be better if the Walmart was blown up? Would it be better if he took a truck and drove over 50 people? Would it be better if he used fertilizer? Of course not! Sick people do sick things. And I don't necessarily mean medically sick; I mean evil. But at no time do the progressives want to talk about what I talked about last night: Faith. Reverence. Morality. Virtue. At no time do they want to talk about prayer — even silent prayer, in the classroom."


"You have these mass murders, and immediately the media and the Democrats, working hand-in-glove, act to own the narrative. And for something that you and I, the institutions we support, the president we voted for had absolutely nothing to do with — suddenly we're told blood is on our hands."

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