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Levin: Dems and the media are trying to 'intimidate and threaten a Supreme Court justice'

Conservative Review

Monday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed the new controversy surrounding a New York Times story about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Democrats' calls for his impeachment that followed.

Levin called the story and the response to it an effort "to try and intimidate and threaten a Supreme Court justice."

"Now this word 'impeachment' that they keep throwing around, for the Democrats, means anyone to whom they lose an election, anyone who winds up on a court who they don't want to wind up on a court, they're now threatening to remove them," Levin explained. "This is is the fascistic, tyrannical mindset of the modern-day Democrat Party."

The host then demonstrated the flimsiness of the story, including the correction put out by the newspaper that said that the supposed victim reportedly had no memory of the incident ever happening and that the lone accusation comes from a former Clinton attorney.

"This is the state of the press in America today," Levin explained. "Of course their primary target is our president, but anyone in his orbit, anybody who's ever been in his orbit, anybody who dares to vote for him, support him, speak out for him, needs to be destroyed, needs to be pushed around."

"The New York Times is saying, in so many words, 'You either go hard left — like we've successfully persuaded other justices to do who were appointed by Republicans — or this is the kind of treatment you're going to get," Levin concluded. "I think John Roberts is aware of that; he gets praise when he sides with the Left on Obamacare. He gets praise when he sides with the Left on the citizenship issue with respect to the census."

"But they don't know enough about Kavanaugh yet," the host added. "They're trying to really soften him up."


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