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Levin: 'These former federal prosecutors should be condemning Mueller'

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin lit into the media frenzy over a letter in which 375 former federal prosecutors said that based on the Mueller report, they would have charged the president with obstruction of justice.

To give context to the scale of the letter, Levin explained that there are approximately 350 active federal prosecutors in one district, the southern district of New York, and tens of thousands of former federal prosecutors throughout the country.

"This is what we mean by a pseudo-event turned into news: another letter which has no consequence in and of itself whatsoever. None. They're former federal prosecutors; they're not involved in the collusion case. The collusion case has been resolved. So why are they writing a letter? Why? Because these former federal prosecutors are liberals, or NeverTrumpers, or what have you ... and they're trying to pile on, to push for impeachment. So it is a purely political act. Purely political act. And the news runs with it, because the news wants to run with it, and those former federal prosecutors know it," Levin said. "That's why they prepared the letter."


Levin laid out why the Mueller report itself was uncalled for, both constitutionally and based on legal precedent.

"Mr. Mueller, under existing federal regulation, was supposed to issue a report to the attorney general, explaining why he did or did not charge somebody. Not a magnum opus. Not a 'War and Peace.' Not a document clearly written for the Democrats in the House of Representatives. That's not his job. These former federal prosecutors should be condemning Mueller!" Levin said.

"Because they had no obstruction case, because there was no corroboration and conspiracy, aka 'collusion,' because they didn't have a chance charging the president of the United States for multiple reasons, they did the absolute worst thing they could do. They wrote at length in a report that they knew would go to the media, that they knew would go to the public, that they knew would go to the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee. They wrote at length about something that they knew would create a firestorm. Their goal wasn't to seek justice; their goal wasn't to seek truth; their goal was to destroy the president of the United States. That's why Mueller hired whom he hired; that's why Mueller conducted himself the way he did. That's why his office has leaked like a sieve, right up to the end."

"Look at those names in that letter, and then you know you have a list of disgraceful, dishonorable people," he said.

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