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Levin: The Green New Deal is 'the old Red movement dressed up as a Green movement'

Levin: The Green New Deal is 'the old Red movement dressed up as a Green movement'

Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin lit into the mainstream media and Democrat presidential candidates using Hurricane Dorian to try to turn climate change into a free pass for limitless government spending.

"It's the old Red movement dressed up as a Green movement," Levin said. "It's anti-capitalism, and again, the scholarship that I did on this is really quite clear. It's unassailable. Like Marxism, like so-called democratic socialism, this is imported from Europe. Most specifically, it's imported from Germany, this ideology. And what it's about, ladies and gentlemen, is hijacking the environmental movement, hijacking the issue of health and safety, and camouflaging it on behalf of socialism/Marxism. Now, think about the climate change movement: What is it all about? An enormous power grab by the federal government, politicians, and bureaucrats. ... This is about the further concentration of power."


Levin described how the development in and around Washington, D.C., continues to spread to the outer suburbs of Virginia and Maryland because of the expanding bureaucracy.

"The amount of redistribution of wealth from people in all other parts of the country into the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area is enormous," Levin said. "Enormous. And it's not just the bureaucrats. It's those who feed off the federal government: the contractors, the associations, the think tanks, the ethnic front groups, the unions, the Chamber of Commerce. It just never ends — it's enormous. And just imagine: If they can nationalize climate — nationalize climate — where the federal government now ... can do anything and everything, as long as it ties it to, links it to, climate change. There's no end to this. Imagine, in addition to nationalizing health care, nationalizing education, nationalizing debt of all sorts. Imagine that, plus the federal government politicians having the power to act and do pretty much whatever they want under this rubric of climate change. And the media are not merely reporting on this; the media are advancing this. The media are prodding this. The media are pushing this, just as they've been pushing impeachment, and they'll get back to that next week, when Congress returns, mark my word. ... And by the way, if they succeed on this climate change issue, your lives will change forever. That's what the Green New Deal is all about; it's a Red New Deal. Everything in your home, your home itself, your automobile, the clothing you wear, the job you have, all of it will be affected. All of it will be monitored. All of it will be regulated. To make you poorer, to make you less independent, to make you less free."

Levin pointed out how the media are pushing to use climate change regardless of the weather.

"Now this is called propaganda, ladies and gentlemen, and that is the heart and soul of the modern media."

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